CBNU Hanok Center Manages Local Cultural Assets
CBNU Hanok Center Manages Local Cultural Assets
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CBNU, which is the mecca of Korean traditional hanok education, also plays a role of managing the cultural assets of Jeollabuk-do. The Hanok Architecture Center which conducts various kinds of hanok architecture education and experiential activities, was selected as a cultural property care project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Jeonbuk Provincial office. CBNU will receive three billion won for three years and manage the cultural assets of Jeollabuk-do starting in February 2018. This project is to prevent problems, to manage cultural assets by monitoring and identifying the problems of cultural properties in advance, and to carry out minor repairs of cultural properties. In particular, the project is expected to hire 30 permanent employees and 50 emergency workers. Therefore, it is also attracting attention as an entity with great prospects for job creation. Nam Hae-kyung, the head of The Hanok Architecture Center said, "We will continue to utilize the expertise of the Gochang campus and utilize the best facilities and equipment to better manage the cultural assets of Jeollabuk-do and to prevent disasters. I will try to lead a team that will help not only the local cultural assets, but also the whole of Korean society by employing the disadvantaged as much as possible."

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