All CBNU Medical School Students Pass National Examination
All CBNU Medical School Students Pass National Examination
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According to the CBNU Medical School, all students expected to graduate this year passed the 82nd National Examination for Medical Practitioners. This year 3,373 students took the examination nationwide and 3,204 students passed. The ratio of successful applicants was 95%. Viewed in a national average, our medical school proves to be the number one in medical education. This result could be achieved because the medical school’s professors and students have a passion for their field, and the CBNU headquarters and hospital supports them. Medical School Director Song Chang-ho said “Our students have the best record in the National Examination for Medical Practitioners every year and this proves that the CBNU Medical School is one of the best medical schools in Korea. Also, I’ll do my best so that students can focus on their work in a fine environment.”

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