CBNU Student Shines Service Spirit
CBNU Student Shines Service Spirit
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Recently, a CBNU student in the Department of Organic Materials and Fiber Engineering, Yoo Seung-min helped to save the life of an old man. On the evening of January 10th, Yoo Seung-min was waiting for the bus after her part-time job. She saw an old man, who fell down while crossing the slippery road. She quickly ran toward him and helped him up. When she asked the old man if he was feeling alright, he responded positively and continued walking. After a few steps, he slipped again and fell on his head. Yoo Seung-min saw blood coming out of his hat, so she helped him again and immediately took him to the emergency room of Jesus Hospital. She contacted his family members and quietly left the hospital. The hospital representative said, "It could have been a big problem if this patient had not been delivered quickly in such a cold weather. Thus, we were able to save his life thanks to the help of the student." The student Yoo said, “I am worried about he is okay now. I am so embarrassed that I did not do such a great job. Anyone, not only me, would have done the same. "

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