CBNU Establishes Subsidiary-type Standard Workplace for the Disabled
CBNU Establishes Subsidiary-type Standard Workplace for the Disabled
  • 승인 2018.03.02 10:39
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Lee Cheol-ro, the leader of CBNU’s Industrial Cooperation Foundation and Cho Chong-ran, the head of the Korea Employment Agency for the Disabled, decided to carry forward the establishment of a ‘subsidiary-type standard workplace for the disabled,’ to create new jobs for people with disabilities. This system is that if a parent company which is obliged to hire disabled people establishes a subsidiary, it is considered that the parent company hired a disabled person when a subsidiary company hired them and includes it in the employment rate and lowers the burden charge. For this, they held an agreement ceremony recently. CBNU’s Industrial Cooperation Foundation will promote the establishment of employment infrastructure for the disabled and create jobs for those who are severely disabled. In addition, they plan to hire 11 more disabled workers for subsidiaries in the future. The head, Cho, said, “We thank CBNU for the effort to activate the employment of severely disabled people and we will do our best to support all things as much as possible.”

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