Jekyll and Hyde: Its sensation is not over
Jekyll and Hyde: Its sensation is not over
  • Jo Mi-hyun Editor
  • 승인 2009.11.11 14:59
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Have you heard
about the musical Jekyll and Hyde? In Korea, the musical Jekyll and Hyde starred Cho Seung-woo and was performed many times. This musical was one of the most popular among audiences.
I was excited because I could watch this popular musical in its original version. On September 27th in the CBNU Cultural Center, at long last, this musical’s curtain rose. The musical started with Jekyll and Jekyll’s private lawyer, John. Since then, whenever sets changed and the curtain went up and down, I could not take my eyes off the actors’ performances on the stage. I didn’t feel the passing of time until Act One ended and the auditorium was brightly lit.
Before I saw this musical, I wondered how they described a scene in which Jekyll turned into Hyde. Brad Little, who was the main character, Jekyll, expressed this scene by letting his long hair down. I have never seen this musical before, but I felt a familiarity with the songs “This is the Moment” and “Once Upon a Dream”. In particular, the character Emma’s “Once Upon a Dream” is still ringing in my ears.
When Jekyll was killed by Emma in the last scene, I began to tear up. However, it was not for long. I yelled out a cheer with tears when all actors on stage received curtain calls and returned the audience’s cheering.

If the musical had one flaw in its crystal, it was that it was not performed by its original cast. The cast consisted of Brad Little, who acted as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera, and several Australian actors. Although it didn’t consist of original actors like the advertisement, the musical Jekyll and Hyde in Korea made a deep impression and lingered in my mind. I wish I can have a chance to be impressed by this musical again.

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