CBNU Students Award at Steel Technology Contest
CBNU Students Award at Steel Technology Contest
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CBNU students majoring in Metallurgical System Engineering received grand, gold, silver, and bronze prizes in the ‘11th Steel University Korea Challenge’. This contest is aimed at finding out how to make better steel with a lower price by utilizing the operation for each process simulation. In this contest, Park Eun-seong received the grand prize among 239 students from 17 universities. Furthermore, Kim Geun-hak won the old medal, Lee Jae-an and Lee Jung-tae won the silver medal, and Lee Dong-hoon and Seo Myeong-hwan won the bronze medal. Students have been preparing for this contest over the past several months by organizing a study team with Professor Lee Seok-jae in the Advanced Materials Engineering Department and conducting simulations. Close communication between professor and students became the foundation of good performance.

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