From a Worker Bee to Queen Bee
From a Worker Bee to Queen Bee
  • 승인 2018.03.02 10:19
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Chang Seung-won, Editor-in-Chief

Finally, I made it to the head of the CBNU Globe but this isn’t an event to be just glad for! There are a lot of responsibilities as I become a leader. Until now, at every extra-curricular activity or program I have done, I was mostly the guy that thought of the ideas, and literally made it happen rather than managing people or choosing the right idea. However, as I am becoming one of the people in the higher ranks for various activities, I feel and know that there will be a change of responsibilities and tasks for me to do.
At first thought, being a ‘good’ leader seemed really easy and comfortable. However when I got to know what kind of tasks I had to do specifically, I became quite terrified. When I was a low-rank student journalist, I just had to do the assignments given and that was all. Now, I have to be that person that leads, plans, and assigns tasks, which are easier said than done. So I seriously thought about what I had to do to become a leader, who people would call ‘great’. Here are the three things I thought of:
The first one is knowing who I’m working with. If I want the best and most efficient results, I have to give the right task to the right person. So how do I get to know the person? I always observe what and how the person reacts to any situation. It might seem creepy because I’m always peeping at them, but I think this is the only accurate way to obtain information about that person. I could ask other people around me about their opinions about that person, but from my personal experience, the opinions although helpful, were biased, depending on which perspective they were coming from.
The second thing, is becoming diligent. This is obvious but quite hard to execute. How do I become a busy bee? The thought of being a role model made it inevitable. There are many tasks that have to be done but if I’m lazy who would do them? I could order the other worker bees to do it instead but why would they if they have a lazy supervisor? These simple thoughts were rather quite a punch in my face and got me to my senses effectively.
Last but not least, always keep a positive mind. Things won’t always go my way and there will be many results that are unpredictable. I personally think that nothing can be done with a pessimistic and negative view so I will always try to find the silver lining in the cloud.
I know it won’t be an easy start for a born worker bee like me but I will try to do my best to be remembered as the most productive queen bee of the CBNU Globe hive.

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