New CBNU Student Council, NAE-IL-RO
New CBNU Student Council, NAE-IL-RO
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Please tell CBNU students

March is the season for beginning a new semester. As a gesture for welcoming the new semester, The CBNU Globe met the president and vice-president of the ‘NAE-IL-RO’ student council, meaning ‘towards tomorrow’, that might help our campus life be more comfortable.

Please introduce yourselves briefly

-President: My name is Park Jin and I am a student in the Department of Community Construction Engineering.
-Vice President: My name is Na Young-in and I am a student with a major in Semiconductor Science & Technology.

Where and how did you meet first and what made you to be in this position now together?

-President: It was winter of 2016, when I first met Young-in. We were both getting ready for our college election. After we were elected as the presidents of student associations of the College of Agricultural Life Science and College of Natural Science, we had many opportunities to meet. I guess those opportunities made us friendlier towards each other. When I decided to run for president of the student council, I was looking for my partner and thought that it would be great to be with Young-in. There is my style and Young-in’s style in leading the student council and progressing businesses. However, I thought that Young-in could complement my weakness, and I could complement his weakness; and if we would work together we could even have synergistic effect on the students at CBNU. That’s why I decided to be with him.

Do you have any episodes while you were getting ready for election?

-Vice President: Since I was elected as a vice-president and Jin was elected as a president, at first, we felt that we should do something, but we were not sure of what to do. I felt like I was being pursued. But now, we are preparing for annual projects. We are listing them and making a project proposal to make it more perfect. We are planning to simulate these projects, and when the time comes to carry these items out, we will give feedback to each other, and it will finally be put into practice. When it comes to solving problems, I think that we will yield the maximum we can, and try to find the best compromise plan. Like Jin said previously, we can’t be the same since we grew up in different environments.

What is the signature project of NAE-IL-RO?

-Vice President: There are many pledges, but I guess the most NAE-IL-Ro-like project is the NAE-IL-RO contest exhibition. It’s in pre-production now, but we are planning to hold two separate parts of a contest exhibition; one for supporting the tickets, and one for the review after the trip. We will select interesting proposals, and they should have to write reviews after the trip since they were selected among other competitors. We are also planning to get support from ‘rail-ro’, instead of using the school council’s budget.

What is the goal of NAE-IL-RO?

-President: The slogan of our NAE-IL-Ro student council is “To the better tomorrow than today”. It has a double meaning in Korean, which is to make tomorrow better than today and to think students’ worries as mine. When we were thinking of a slogan, we thought that communication and practice should be the basis, and we should pursue better change and show developed figures. We thought of a single word which would include all these meanings, ‘vision’. We think that it is a role of the student council to make a window to help students dream a better vision. Also, we think the most important goal this year is to finish all businesses safely without any accidents.
-Vice President: My first goal is to achieve every pledge we made during the election. Just in case, if some pledges can’t be fulfilled, we will add similar pledges to satisfy the students. I think that achieving 100% of the pledges is the most important goal since 45% of the students selected us. However, it is also important to satisfy the rest of the 55%, so we will try to satisfy all CBNU students. I have agreed to add even more pledges after fulfilling everything.

What did you prepare to communicate with students?

-President: There aren’t many windows for communication between student council and students right now. First, the student representative meeting is now ongoing. Presidents of each department and college attend and they listen to our annual businesses and work together to prevent accidents. Also, we always give replies to facebook messages, and we will try to use mass media in CBNU such as The CBNU Globe, UBS and CBNU Newspaper. But it is still hard for general students to communicate with the student council. So, we are planning to make open chatting rooms online and anonymous Naver or Google forums. We welcome comments and feedback, but there are a few people criticizing us anonymously. So we are still discussing this problem of anonymous criticisms.

How do you want to be remembered after your term?

-President: “A student council with people like them should do it once more”. This is what I want to hear after my term. I would be so happy to hear that.

Please tell CBNU students

-President: We are preparing to be in the forefront of CBNU students. This means we will be working earnestly after the lectures start in March. We will pursue both fun and meaningful activities, so please look give us some attention. Thank you.
-Vice President: Everyone dreams of tomorrow, but each person’s dreams are all different. However, we will be a student council, who cheer on CBNU students who dreams of a different tomorrow. We will try our best to be like this. Thank you.

It seems that the NAE-IL-RO student council has prepared hard and is willing to be the best student council ever for CBNU students. Let’s cheer them on and expect their remarkable activities.

Roh Kyu-lee Reporter

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