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100 Years toward Maturity!
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The year 2017 was a special year for CBNU. It was CBNU’s 70th anniversary! CBNU aimed to make its own brand ‘the most Korean university’ and improved global awareness creating the most Korean campus. Also, CBNU formed a bond of sympathy with local residents by having communication and exchange of cultural arts. Moreover CBNU has focused its capability of education and research with enough potential to lead the 4th industrial revolution. era. From now on, let’s look at the way that CBNU will move forward towards 100 years and full maturity!

● The Future for CBNU
- Adventurous Students: Adventurous and creative talents cannot be replaced by AI and robotic technology. So CBNU is teaching its students to become one of them. That is why CBNU focuses on the differentiated education, program development and competitiveness of research. CBNU has differentiated itself in education such as with the Residential College program, Off Campus program, education of fusion and convergence program. Additionally, CBNU has received positive evaluation in the Advancement of College Education+ project (ACE+) by the Ministry of Education.


- Competitiveness of Research: This year CBNU took 7th place in “Top 10% Most Frequently Cited” universities nationwide and last year ranked 6th place in the “Top 1% Most Frequently Cited” among domestic universities in the Leiden Ranking, which evaluates the quality of a thesis. Also CBNU has a great research institute and laboratory. Asia’s biggest Korea Zoonosis Research Institute obtained certification in third grade of large animal safety. A High-Enthalpy Plasma Research Center was established the fifth in the world. They are currently developing Korea’s space core technology. CBNU’s LED Agri-Bio Fusion Technology Research Center has a large cultivation area about 330 square meters which is the first industrial LED plant factory in Korea. The Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL)- CBNU Engineering Institute Korea developed a self-diagnosis system for airplanes and bridges. The Korean Research Institute of Science, Technology and Civilization published a book named “Science and Civilization in Korea,” which is about five billion won scale that the University of Cambridge have noticed.


- Student Welfare: Many students at CBNU are satisfied with various facilities, events, and programs of CBNU. The central library is the perfect place to study with lots of comfortable facilities. Moreover, dozens of students have participated in the residential college program which can add to students’ knowledge in various fields of study in the comfort of their dormitory. However, CBNU students want CBNU to have stronger links with foreign universities and to have competitiveness in the world. In addition, students have a strong desire for more opportunities related to their major. Also they want not only buildings for study but also lots of sports fields on which to exercise, which could be the foundation of study and numerous achievements. It is hard to meet the all members’ voices, so CBNU is operating a Communication and Welfare team to listen to and reflect the opinions of CBNU members while discussions with CBNU president are ongoing.


- Establishment of the College of Pharmacy: Since CBNU is a national university in the region, it was necessary to establish the College of Pharmacy in order to meet the demand for highly qualified pharmacists. The College of Pharmacy is the center for research and development focused on science and technology, developing new drugs which is the key of modern technology. The Ministry of Health and Welfare, based on research from the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs, announced the country will have a shortage of about 10,000 pharmacists by 2030. CBNU has been well-equipped foundations of interdisciplinary cooperation in the development of new drugs. The disciplines include fields such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Natural Sciences, Agricultural Science, Polymer Nano, and Chemical Engineering. It is expected that the establishment of the College of Pharmacy will produce pharmacists focused on research and also lead to further changes and developments at the CBNU Hospital.

● Interview: What We Want from CBNU!

1) Students of CBNU

- Kim Su-young, Department of Dance
First of all, I don’t really know how CBNU had been for 70 years, but I feel good about holding various events commemorating the University’s 70th anniversary. These days, many students find the construction of the hanok controversial, but I wish this hanok business to continue firmly as another symbolization of CBNU. Also, the school should put more effort into students’ welfare to prevent rumors such as money used for hanok construction is unreasonable. It is not easy to change students’ negative perception about this hanok business at once, but since CBNU has its history of 70 years, if the school and students communicate well, CBNU will be the best!

- Yun Sang-hee, Department of Horticulture
CBNU which had its 70th anniversary is heading to a better future. Students of CBNU have to do their best to be adventurous students in addition to model students. CBNU should communicate actively with students to make students love their school.

- Yim Hye-bin, Department of Urban Engineering
CBNU improved a lot over the past 70 years. I attended the school exhibition on the 70th anniversary of CBNU, which was held in the CBNU library and I could see how CBNU looked during its first days. There were just a few trees and buildings that belonged to CBNU back then. Compared to the early school, now CBNU has lots of buildings and departments, providing well-organized surroundings for student's well-being. Especially convenient are the numerous facilities and libraries that are open all year round with enough materials for academic research. I’m so satisfied with university life as a student of one of the oldest and most traditional universities in Korea. Also, I can admit that CBNU is one of the greatest universities of all times. For the thriving future of our university, I wish CBNU to make more and stronger international relationships with other universities of foreign countries. Through well provided opportunities, students can enhance their studies in their major field.

- Yun Aleksey, Jimmy Carter School of International Studies
First of all, I would like to mention notable areas of CBNU. Now I ride around the campus by bicycle and there are many buildings. During my first semester of studies here I had to carry a campus map there are a lot of stairs. However, it is quite a cozy place to study. I find it so comfortable. I like the university’s natural surroundings and its colorful beauty, especially in fall. Different colors of trees make me think that I am in a fairy tale. But what I most like about CBNU, are its representatives, staff and students. Every semester different festivals and events are organized such as the PSY concert last semester. I mean the representatives truly take care of the students. Also, I’m so glad to see how our university is developing these days. I wish CBNU would develop additional sports facilities and fields for the public and school community, in order to build up a healthier generation of students with all-round high achievements, not just academically.

2) Professors of CBNU

- Korean Professor
Before I say anything, I am happy to congratulate CBNU on its 70 years. I am proud to be a part of the 70 years of CBNU. The long history of 70 years doesn’t come in a queue and isn’t made by just one person. It is the result of the hard work done by the students, professors and associates. So each person is valuable and every moment is precious. Also, we all have the right to celebrate the 70 magnificent years of CBNU. Let’s celebrate this event and make a brighter future.
CBNU could become what it is through the spirits of the young students and the investments made by its professors and the University. However, nowadays, students face an unemployment crisis. So they can’t fully demonstrate or express their young spirits. Thus, in order to attain a bright future, we need to do the following: First, students should know their talents and believe that they can make use of it. There are many programs that can help students in and outside of CBNU. Connect with these programs and discover a more developed “you.” Also, be proud of being a CBNU student. If you’re not proud, who would be? Students should be proud of themselves and CBNU. Second, CBNU should develop programs that fit with the students living in the 21 century. Investments for adequate programs and the environment should be made to bring great results. The environment is an especially important factor, needing much investment. Finally, effective channels of communication between the university and students are needed. Nothing can be done without adequate communication, so a place for communication is crucial. The world is changing at a fast rate. It is quite obvious that the next 100 years of CBNU will be a difficult period than the preceding 70 years of CBNU. So the “whole” CBNU has to work together to bring a bright future. Thank you!

- Foreign Professor from Japan
Happy 70 years CBNU! I’m satisfied with the campus where faculty and students spend over half their days. The buildings are beautiful, and the library is fascinating. Also, CBNU is a green campus with lots of trees and you can feel the changes of the seasons. It’s a grateful thing to study and play in this environment.
The education environment of CBNU will get better and better. There will be lots of opportunities to study abroad. The important thing is to know how to make sure each student fulfills their potential. Students should try to imagine their future and act out with their own opinion. Trying to find the answer to these questions will make everyday a new and special day. ‘A group that has their own opinion and thoughts’ is important for a bright future of CBNU.

3) Local Resident

- CBNU has extensive land in Korea. And their surroundings are really well kept and beautiful. I think this is the best thing about CBNU. There are no other universities that keep them as well. CBNU’s environment is really outstanding with Geonji Mountain, Deokjin Park and Cherry Blossom Road located at the College of Commerce. If they improve their environment well, it could be another resource for CBNU. Moreover, I think there are two ways that I wish to CBNU. CBNU has been developed surprisingly in many ways. However, among the rest of Korea’s population, CBNU seems relatively unknown. So, the public needs to be more aware of CBNU, as one of the leading national universities in the country. These days, we can’t find leaders in Korea who came from CBNU. If CBNU wants be recognized by the Korean public, they should encourage and produce many leaders from their alumni base. Leaders emerge from innovative education, so CBNU should lead in the field of education in Korea.


4) Student from another university

- I recently heard that CBNU is developing the regional characteristics and various programs within Jeonju. These developments seem to have played a major role in raising the status of Jeonju, where I live. I would say that CBNU is the most Korean university. There are so many Korean landscapes and buildings, and many are still being built. It is good to add new buildings, but please note that it is also important to prioritize students’ convenience such as repairing old buildings or replacing basic facilities. Thank you to CBNU for contributing to Jeonju's status for the past 70 years. In the future, I hope that it will become a school that can cultivate many talents according to the slogan, ‘maturity moving beyond growth’ and ‘adventurous students beyond model students’.

CBNU showed amazing growth during the last 70 years. Although the journey of 70 years has come to a close, CBNU’s future journey of 100 years is expected to be more mature than now. Adventurous talents, world-class research, campus Dulle-gil, and the most Korean campus among universities in Korea, will surely make CBNU’s “Only One” brand and lead it to maturity. It is an assignment for CBNU to mature completely and to satisfy CBNU’s members and local residents.

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