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How Was Your Winter?
2018년 01월 03일 (수) 10:48:37 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

In 2017, it seems like winter came a lot faster than before. Some people just stay in a room thinking “It's dangerous outside the blankets” and some people like to go outside though it is so cold. How was your winter until now? Furthermore, what will you do in this winter? Let’s see what do CBNU students do to prepare for the winter.


The First Prize
Shin So-mi, the Department of Chinese Language & Literature

I made this for my parents who don’t care about themselves, just taking care of us, hoping them to stay warm in this winter. Winter is a season of holding out my hand to people I love. I appreciate my hands that can make my loved ones warm.




The Second Prize
Lee Ju-hyeon, the Department of Business Administration

There comes a season that I like a warm electric pad and the heated tent more than going outside. When I return home after an exhausting day, it heals me to light a Yankee Candle and watch my favorite drama. I redecorated my room for the winter, and bought a diary to celebrate the coming of the 2018!


The Third Prize
Lee Soo-kyung, the Department of Chemical engineering

The first picture that was captured when I visited the USA always makes me excited. Now I am a senior and I will graduate next spring. On one hand, I am scared to get old, but I also believe it is another beginning. To celebrate this new start, I will travel to South America in the winter. Would you like to travel with me?



Lee Seong-min, the Department of Chemical engineering

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway. - Mother Teresa
There are a lot of holes in the body of Dolharubang and it seems to be much colder. So I put earplugs and shawls on a Dolharubang that is alone on a cold winter's day.

Each person has their own special way to prepare for the winter. Knitting a muffler, staying in a warm bed, going on a trip, every way is so special and nice. We sincerely hope you will have a special and warm winter. Lastly, thank you for sharing your photos and stories over the past year.

Choi Jee-min, Editor-in-Chief

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