Love the Present!
Love the Present!
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Choi Jee-min, Editor-in-Chief

The year 2017 was really eventful for me. A lot of things happened in Korea, CBNU, and to me this year. I had to study much more about my major as I advanced to the higher grade, and I started three more extra activities. In the CBNU Globe, I started work as editor-in-chief, selected foreign reporters for the first time, and also 2017 was CBNU’s 70th anniversary. It was the busiest year in my university life, but without a doubt, it was also the happiest year.
Looking back, when I was a freshman, I applied to the CBNU Globe just because I liked English. However, the more I wrote articles, the more I felt I was not good enough. Nevertheless, the reason why I did not give up was that every process was fun, and I really liked my seniors, juniors, colleagues and all people I met while working here. Thanks to them, I was able to grow in many areas. I could improve my English writing skills, make good relationships with people, and also, I improved many abilities such as communication skills, and making decisions and so on.
During this year, not only doing these tasks, I also spent days agonizing over how to develop the CBNU Globe, and myself a lot. I wanted to write better articles, and furthermore, as much as I learned in the CBNU Globe, I wanted to teach all my know-how to the junior reporters. I sincerely hoped to help them to grow more through the CBNU Globe, so I agonized about the ways and manners a lot. To tell the truth, everything is still so difficult. In addition, even though I am a 3rd grade student, I still do not know what to do exactly in the future. However, in the process, I finally found the answer of how to live with which attitude of mind.
For three years, I met a lot of people who I want to be like including many interviewees, and they told me in common “Do what you want to do. Don’t be affected by others, live your own life.” There are no things that are not difficult. If everything is equally hard, you can stand up again when you have the motivation, and that’s why you wanted to do this. Even though it is difficult, you can brace yourself when the task is fun and worthwhile. For that reason, what I really want to say is that, love the present and do what you want to do. If you appreciate the moment and do your best to do something you like, all the tasks and relationships will bring you to a better future.
Even though 2017 was the busiest year, the reason why I felt happy was that I did what I wanted to do. I never regretted about the past, and I have no doubt about my future because I really loved, and will love, my every moment. I hope you do so too. At last, leaving the CBNU Globe, I really want to say thank you to all the people who worked with me, and our dearest readers.

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