New Month, New Dessert!
Student Entrepreneur, Hong Hyeon-Woo
New Month, New Dessert!
Student Entrepreneur, Hong Hyeon-Woo
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• What are your future plans for ‘Monthly Dessert’?

What do you look for after a delicious meal? Most people will look for dessert because everybody has a sweet tooth craving for sugar. However, too much sugar is bad for your health. Is there a way to eat dessert without too much sugar? In CBNU, Hong Hyeon-woo from ‘Monthly Dessert’ is developing less sweet desserts made from local farm products. Let’s learn more about it!

• Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Hong Hyeon-woo, senior student in the Department of Wood Science Technology. In February 2016, I started as ‘August8’ and participated in many events like the CBNU flea market. Last year the name was changed to ‘Monthly Dessert’ and I am working hard to expand the business.

• Your major doesn’t seem related to the field of desserts. you’re in. How did you come up with the idea to start a dessert business?

At first, when I thought about what I wanted to do in the future, I planned to get a job in my field of expertise, save some capital and start my own dessert business. But after many discussions and reflections, I decided I didn’t have to wait. I always wanted to manage a café, but I realized there would be no difference for me in the present market if I managed a regular café only. So, I made my own specialty, desserts. I spent a lot of time and effort to make the perfect dessert. After that, I opened a start-up in the field of dessert. I also plan to use my major to design the interior in future stores.

• What is special about ‘Monthly Dessert’? What are the special features of your products?

Our concept for ‘Monthly Dessert’ is that we try to develop new desserts every month as the name goes. We are young, and love to do something challenging every month. Currently we mainly sell macaroons, but in the future, we are going to expand our variety of desserts. The special feature of our desserts is that we use local farm ingredients. Also, our products are less sweet compared to what other companies produce.

• Where can readers find you and your macaroons besides temporary events?

Well, we used to sell our products at the CBNU Red Box, but since we are busy preparing to open our own café, readers can find us only at temporary events such as flea markets. However, anyone can follow our SNS to find us at events and see the progress of the café. We hope to see everyone soon in our new café and online shopping mall.

• What are your future plans for ‘Monthly Dessert’?

Our short-term goal is to make a café to sell our products offline and we have almost achieved that goal! Our long-term goal is to make an online shopping mall where different kinds of dessert businesses can sell their products. Also, we intend to sell produce from local farmers at an adequate price on that site so that the farmers can get what they earned.

• Do you have anything to say to CBNU students?

• What Kind of difficulties did you have? Also, were there any memorable experiences?

There were a lot of big and tiny difficulties in the process but the biggest one was brand awareness. We don’t sell products at the same place every day so it was hard to let people know about us. However, ‘Monthly Dessert’ could earn a name by participating in a variety of events like the CBNU flea market and getting good feedback. The most memorable experience was when people bought one macaroon and left, but came back after taking a bite and bought a lot more.

• Do you have anything to say to CBNU students?

Many students nowadays study and put a lot of effort to get a job in a company. However, I want to tell CBNU students that there are many other options than just getting a company job and starting a startup business is a fun option. I’m not saying that trying to get a job at a company is wrong, but why not experience having your own, business which is quite amusing? I hope CBNU students will venture out like the CBNU slogan, “Adventurous Students beyond Model Students.”

After reading this article I bet there are many CBNU students waiting just to get a taste of macaroons made by ‘Monthly Dessert’. Stay tuned to the ‘Monthly Dessert’ SNS to get the chance! Also, never forget that there are options like launching a startup! Become an adventurous student like Hong Hyeon-woo!

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