The Season of Giving
The Season of Giving
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What did you get me for Christmas? Many of us look forward to gifts from friends and family during this holiday time. Kids, especially, are excited to see what Santa’s brought them for Christmas. But there’s something much better than receiving….GIVING.
There are so many ways we can give to others. We can have lunch, dinner, or go to the movies with family and friends. We can find out what someone we know is short of and could use, and buy it for them. We can bake some cookies or bread to share with friends. A very inexpensive way to give, is to offer intercessory prayer for those in need.
When we give something, we will receive much in return – sometimes more than we would expect, or something we would never expect. The feeling of giving from the heart is one of satisfaction, fulfillment – a good feeling.
A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege to give blood. It was my first time to go through the process at CBNU. It was very easy. There are computer stations where you complete a questionnaire. You must answer truthfully. When you have completed the questionnaire, one of the nurse technicians will test your iron level. This is done with just a little prick in your fingertip to get a drop of blood. If that all goes well, they will ask you to wait until they have prepared a station for you.
It would be recommended to eat before going to donate blood. You should be well hydrated, too. While waiting, you may help yourself to some juice in the refrigerator. Having a little sugar in your blood before you donate would be good.

The process itself is relatively painless and so easy. You just relax and allow the nurses to do their job. It takes just five to ten minutes to donate whole blood. Platelets can take a little longer. After your donation, you will need to rest for about 15 minutes. During this time, you can enjoy a few provided snacks and more juice. The technicians want to make sure there are no adverse side effects following your donation. They will also explain what you should do if you experience certain side effects.
It may not sound so pleasant to hear about a blood donation. However, giving blood is a win-win situation for all involved. You see, blood can be used in three ways: whole blood, red blood cells, and platelets. So by donating just once, you can help save up to three people’s lives. Those three people could be someone you know or even one of your family members.
You may be wondering who needs blood that is donated? Well, today there are increasing numbers of cancer patients. Others who may receive blood would include people who have different diseases such as heart, blood vessel, and gastrointestinal. Also, vehicle accident and burn victims often lose much blood and need emergency transfusions.
Another question: Who can donate blood? In Korea, high school and university students are old enough. You also need to be a minimum weight. And your iron level must be a minimum of 13. To be a regular donor, you can go in every eight weeks for whole blood and two weeks for platelets. For more information, you can stop by the blood donation clinic on the CBNU campus. They are located in a small white ‘house’ next to the campus Kyobo Bookstore.
So if you are a healthy adult, male or female, and you have the spirit of giving, why not try to donate blood. You will be helping others and allowing your own blood to be renewed at the same time. Blood donation is often called, “the Gift of Life.”

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