CBNU Online Voting Selected as Excellent Case
CBNU Online Voting Selected as Excellent Case
  • 승인 2018.01.02 17:36
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CBNU introduced an advanced election system for next year's student representative election, and it leads to increasing of turnout rate and students’ satisfaction. On November 15, our university hosted the election through CBNU’s first online voting method this year. For the annual student election, the highest turnout ever recorded was 81.91%, up 27.3% from 54.61% last year. This is the highest turnout rate among the universities with more than 10,000 voters who have adopted the online voting system recently. In particular, this online voting method will be introduced as an excellent case of online voting in IPTV during December, by the Jeonbuk Election Commission. The chief of the Office of Student Affairs, Jeong Myeong-ho said, “I didn’t expect that online voting, which students can exercise their rights anywhere, would be a great response. In the future, I will try to think in the place of the student's eye level and support other fields.”

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