CBNU Publishes Collections of Award Winning Literary Works
CBNU Publishes Collections of Award Winning Literary Works
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CBNU recently published its “Collection of CBNU Award Winning Literary Works,” featuring works which won the Literary Prize over the past 60 years, through the CBNU Press Center in commemoration of the 70th anniversary.
Since 1954, the CBNU Press Center has carried out the CBNU Academic Literature Prize contest. Currently, it operates the “Garam Lee Byeong-gi Youth Poetry Award” and “Choi Myung-hee Youth Novel Award” for high school and college students nationwide as the largest scale of university. The complete collection of winning works is composed of five volumes. CBNU President Lee Nam-ho said, "CBNU plans to open the 'CBNU Premium' era through becoming the ‘Most Korean Campus’ on the 70th anniversary of its establishment." He added, "Literary talents selected in the names of Garam Lee Byung Gi and Choi Myung Hee will have the power to improve the name value of CBNU."

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