Busan attracts you!
Busan attracts you!
  • Moon Whun, Park Ye-seul
  • 승인 2009.11.11 14:39
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Everyone who has never been Busan, just follow me!
Where could we
go this Fall? Fortunately, when I thought about it, I heard that the Pusan International Film Festival(PIFF) would run from October 8 to 16. Because I have never been to Busan, two reporters and I decided to go there to experience the festival and appreciate Haeundae, which was recently the background of a movie. And we decided to visit Taejongdae park that is famous for dating course and Bexco that is well known for international meeting place. I wondered, ‘If I am surrounded by that sweet dialect for one night and two days, what will I feel? When I go to Seo-myeon, I will shop!’ With these thoughts, I looked forward to the day.
Now, I will introduce you to some places in Busan, dividing the courses for culture, dating and unique memories. Are you ready to share our vivid experiences? Let’s go to Busan!

1. Courses for culture
In Busan, there are many spaces to improve your cultural knowledge. Also there are a lot of people. Let’s look into it.

Busan Metropolitan Joongang Municipal Library
After arriving in Busan, we went to the Busan library. In front of it, there was Democracy Park, which was very peaceful. Pigeons were having food and elderly people were playing janggi(Korean chess) while children were romping naïvely. Next to it was Busan Independence Hall, from which we could look down over Busan city. Finally, we went to Busan Metropolitan Joongang Municipal Library. There were many people coming here, but it was silent enough to study comfortably. We took a picture of ourselves reading an encyclopedia to reproduce the learning atmosphere there.

Busan City Art Gallery

Here I saw a unique architectural style, so I didn’t realize that it was an art gallery at first sight. Not only younger and older adults but also elementary students and kids visited there to see art objects. I was impressed by a guide who explained for me how to appreciate artwork I didn’t know about. Will you also meet a kind guide in the Busan City Art Gallery?

Busan Museum
The Busan Museum has an exhibition titled “Masterpieces in Chinese Vessels” from the National Museum of China. I was interested in relics from old times. The Chinese ceramics were big and magnificent, different from Korean ones. Chinese porcelain ware is greater and more brilliant than Korean ceramic ware. If you want to be a historically minded person, I recommend the Busan Museum!

2. Courses for dating

Busan also has many spots for dating in addition to its cultural spaces. Let’s explore Taejongdae Park and Haeundae Beach.

Taejongdae Park
After getting off the subway, we headed to Taejongdae Park. In the park people moved around by riding Danubi, which is a train crossing Taejongdae Park. I thought it was convenient because we didn’t need to walk, but the waiting time was too long. We went to the observatory by train. There was coin scope, and the scenery of the sea through it was magnificent. Next, we went to Taejongsa. The road to Taejongsa was secluded, so we felt it was appropriate as a dating course.

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae is the best beach in Busan. In the summer, Haeundae is crowded with millions of people who visit there. It is a representative dating course in Busan. Haeundae is popular enough as a date spot both for other citizens and residents of Busan. Recently, it became the background of a movie. It had a notice which advertised the release of the movie, Haeundae. Strolling with the refreshing waves, we enjoyed a fantastic view of Busan. We recommend a date with a special someone in Haeundae!

3. Courses for a unique memory.

We found some special places we couldn’t have guessed about before we arrived in Busan. They were very special surprises to us. If you go to restaurants in Busan, you can eat high-class food at inexpensive prices. In our case, we had a special meal including tasty soup priced at 3,500 won and pork ribs priced at 6,000 won. At the same time, we could feel the hot heart of Busan’s citizens.

Jagalchi Market
Jagalchi Market is Busan’s popular traditional market and is very big. The top of the department store was marked as Jagalchi Market, and in front of it there were many sashimi restaurants. In this place swordfish were abundant. Their silver shining bodies lured me and their sizes were much bigger than I would have thought.

Seo-myeon is famous for shopping in Busan. Upon arriving in Busan, we went to Seo-myeon to book a room. The reason we reserved a room there was to go shopping next morning. The area was organized into an underground market and there were a number of markets, so it drove me to lose my sense of direction. It had a number of cheap goods and women’s items were more abundant than men’s. To honor the memory of this shopping mecca, my friends bought heels, hats and earrings, and I bought a bag and jeans for my lovely mom. I also wanted to purchase a shirt for my father but the market didn’t deal with big sizes (over 105) so I couldn’t. Satisfied with our relatively successful shopping, we departed from Seo-myeon.

Bexco has many events, including exhibitions, expositions and lectures. Bexco is known as Coex in Busan. Its large and magnificent buildings still remain in my memory. When we went there, the complex was hosting an exhibition about architecture. If you want to watch exciting exhibitions, I give this vote: How about visiting Bexco?

One night and two days trip is too short to experience Busan fully. But we could feel the atmosphere of the city and could meet the people who were proud of Busan. We recommend Busan to you who have never been there or who think that Busan is too far from where you live. Besides the places introduced above, you can find other beautiful places though they are not famous. Also the vigorous people in Busan will leave strong images on your mind. Go to Busan and enjoy this fall to your heart’s content. Busan attract you!

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