CBNU Professor Lee Moon-ho Designs DNA Matrix Code
CBNU Professor Lee Moon-ho Designs DNA Matrix Code
  • 승인 2017.10.30 14:22
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CBNU visiting Professor Lee Moon-ho announced the results of a study of designing the Taegeuk pattern DNA gene as a mathematical matrix code. He revealed the Taegeuk’s trigram and the genetic code of the DNA protein that constitutes the human body have a mathematical identity for the first time. This research was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea and the results were recently presented at 'AIMEE2017' in Moscow, Russia, and 'BioSmart2017' in Paris, France. The research paper was published in the latest issue of Springer and registered as a US patent. Professor Lee analyzed the chromosomal DNA with a mathematical matrix and designed the Taegeuk pattern genetic code. It helps to develop the technique of inverting RNA from double-stranded DNA to single-stranded RNA. This research result is expected to be widely used in gene editing technology for the treatment of diseases.

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