Are You Sick of Being a Model Student?
Then Go Adventure!
Are You Sick of Being a Model Student?
Then Go Adventure!
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If you live a boring, routine life, would it be fun to live more fully? Being a university student means that you can live an exciting life for at least four years without many regulations. Don’t you know the way to start adventuring? Well, lucky for you, there are people who help students to fulfill the CBNU slogan, “Adventurous Students beyond Model Students.” These helpers are called the “Adventurous Ambassadors.” Why don’t we find out more about these people?

Adventurous Ambassador? Never Heard of It!

The “Adventurous Ambassadors” are a group of students that have been certified by CBNU as “adventurous students.” CBNU first made the Adventurous Ambassador program to fit with the CBNU Slogan, “Adventurous Students beyond Model Students.” The Adventurous Ambassadors’ main activities are holding talk concerts, advertising programs on social networks, and managing the “Adventure Counseling Center.”

What is the Difference Between the Adventurous Ambassadors and Honorary Student Ambassadors? 

The “focus” between those two is different. The Adventurous Ambassadors focus on helping the students “inside the university,” while the honorary student ambassadors focus on the activities “outside the university” and the status of CBNU.

What Kind of Adventures did the First Adventurous Ambassadors have?

Many students will be curious about what kinds of adventures the Adventurous Ambassadors had. There are many activities that the ambassadors had such as making a movie, publishing a book, doing a start-up, doing an overseas internship, and much more. Here are the names of the first Adventurous Ambassadors:

Song Tae-yo - The Department of Journalism & Communications

Yu Ho-dong - The Department of Aerospace Engineering

Kwon Hwa-dam - The Department of Archeology and Cultural Anthropology

Park Hee-jin - The Department of Political Science & Diplomacy

Oh Seung-hyun - The Department of Political Science & Diplomacy

Bang Kyung-la - The Department of Accounting

Ko Byeong-gwan - The Department of Architectural Engineering

Oh Seung-yeon - The Department of Clothing

Kim Jin-hyuk - Education Department of Social Studies

Kim In-gyeong - The Department of Wood Science and Technology

Finding Adventures with the Help of the Adventure Counseling Center

As mentioned above, the “Adventure Counseling Center” is one of the main activities of the Adventurous Ambassadors. At the center, ambassadors share their own experiences and help other students become adventurous students at the same time. The talk concerts are held on Mondays and Thursdays and the center is located at the Keunsaram Educational Development Institute (KEDI), Room 104. These lectures’ main purposes are to help students, particularly those who are participating in the self-planned adventure contest. The doors are open for every student who needs counseling for leading an adventurous life in university, so why do you hesitate to visit this center? Feel free to get some valuable tips!

Do You Want to Become a Future Adventurous Ambassador?

Do You Want to Become a Future Adventurous Ambassador?

All students at CBNU are adventurous, but those who want to share their stories and help others can apply to be an Adventurous Ambassador. Here are some tips that can help you become a future ambassador. First, it is helpful to have a story with a meaningful consistence. It is good to have many different experiences, but it is more significant to have an impressive experience with a story. Second, it is preferable to know about university programs and university life well. Besides the tips above, there is much more, so if you have any questions, you can ask them at the Adventurous Counseling Center. If you are willing to be an ambassador, come and join the team!

Despite the fact that it was the first talk concert for the Adventurous Ambassadors, the satisfaction percentage was over 90%! This means high performance can be expected very soon. As the Adventurous Ambassador representative Song Tae-yo said, “In Seoul, there are many extracurricular activities and a wide variety of activities. However, in Jeonju, there are not that many opportunities. So, I want to say, try to ‘think outside the box’. Summarizing it into a simple phrase, ‘take a new risk’ and go beyond your frames.”

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