CBNU Holds 70th Anniversary Concert
CBNU Holds 70th Anniversary Concert
  • 승인 2017.10.30 14:19
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CBNU recently hosted concerts in Jeonju and Seoul on the theme of challenge and passion for its 70th anniversary. The first concert took place on 26th of September at Seoul’s Sejong Center. An opera was performed based on the original novel Honbul, written by writer Choi Myeoung-hee,. The CBNU Korea Music Orchestra Pansori Choir and Music Choir performed a rendition of Honbul that describes the lives of the people of Jeolla provinces at the end of the 1930s when the Japanese invaded. This performance was held again at the CBNU Cultural Center on the 14th of October. At the second performance in Jeonju, the CBNU United Chorus performed their chorus for the 70th anniversary of CBNU and the seats for the performance were free.

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