The season for Basketball is back!
The season for Basketball is back!
  • Kim Dan-bi reporter
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The season for basketball is back.
A cannon salute announced the opening of the basketball league, at the time when the baseball season closed and the end of the pro soccer league neared.
Have you ever heard about KBL(Korean Basketball League)? Many countries have professional basketball leagues, like the NBA in the USA.
KBL formed a league with 7 teams in October 1996, three years after the Basketball Committee was established. On February 9, 1997, another two teams signed up for the league, and after that, one additional team joined to form the current league. The 2009-2010 league will start with the title belonging to KCC, which is a major sponsor.
The regular season usually opens from mid-October to mid-March. Finishing the tough regular season, the top six teams advance to the playoffs after a week's break, and the playoffs are conducted as a tournament.

● Various rules in KBL

-Player Draft: KBL selects rookies every year, giving a certain ratio to the teams according to their last season’s result.
That is the draft system. Also, KBL gives an opportunity to foreign players and overseas Korean players for applying to the draft. In the case of overseas Korean players, only when they or their parents acquire foreign nationality after having Korean citizenship can they apply. There is also a height limit on foreign players to protect and foster tall domestic players. For domestic players, each team’s annual salary should not exceed 1.7 billion won, and for one foreign player, the limit of annual salary is 175,000 dollars.

-The rule for Uniforms: KBL also has uniform regulations. In the game, the home team wears bright colors and the visiting team wears dark uniforms. Depending on their agreement, they can switch. The front and the back colors of the uniform should be same, and the front and the back should have players’ own numbers with contrasting colors.
During a game, have you ever seen players wearing long pants? According to the regulations, they can’t wear long pants that come below the knee. The color of pants can be different from that of the shirts, though. Shoes with loud colors or with trinkets are banned. Also, they can’t wear long socks covering the knee and they should not wear anything inside. .

● The history of KBL
The history of Korean professional basketball is 12 years old, so it contains a number of records. The average salary was about 60 million won in its beginning period, but it jumped up two times to 150 million won after 12 years. Kim Ju-sung, a player in DongBu PROMY, has received the highest annual salary since the 2003-2004 season. In addition, he was awarded MVP in the 2007-2008 season, ALLSTAR Game, and the playoffs, so he accomplished a feat as the winner of the first triple crown in one season in KBL.
Who was the first dunk shooter? He was a foreign player, Damon Johnson, who dunked in the first pro basketball league's season-opener.
Song In-woo was the first Korean player who recorded a dunk shoot. He was only 188cm tall.
What was the record winning streak or losing streak in the history of KBL? The longest winning streak was the Anyang KT&G KITES’s 15 games in the 2004-2005 season, when their name was Anyang SBS. The longest losing streak was 32 games for the DaeGu Orions in the 1998-1999 season. Considering that there are 54 games in a season for each team, losing 34 games was a tremendous record! The most electrifying shot in basketball, the buzzer's best record was the shot of Jo Dong-hyeon.

● What is the difference between this season and previous seasons?

This year, the pro basketball games have a lot of changes due to the changing of rules and systems.
First, the distance of a 'three-point shot' extends 0.5m from 6.25m. Also, the painted zone was replaced to a rectangle from a trapezoid to increase goals. The regulation on foreign players has also changed. In the last season it was possible to send two foreign players simultaneously in the first and fourth quarter. However, only one foreign player can be sent in the full game this season.

November! How about watching basketball games with your friends and family? Let’s feel fresh with the new changes in the 2009-2010 season!

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