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Through Dokdo, the Two Became One
2017년 08월 31일 (목) 11:12:08 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr


Have you ever heard about Dokdo? It's a small island that is located near the island of Ulleung-do. At the end of June, Chonbuk National University students had a chance to visit these islands with Kyungpook National University students. This year is the second time that we traveled together. This annual event is designed for protecting Dokdo from the Japanese, who claim that the island is their territory, through students’ education and advertisement. In the case of CBNU students, they can be some challengers to the world. In other words, we are some of Dokdo’s defenders representing Chonbuk and Kyungpook. We made groups including eight students (four of Chonbuk students, four of Kyungpook students) and spent a lot of time getting to know each other and the meaning of why we should go to Dokdo, along with what we must do after the event.
When we arrived at Ulleung-do, we did two days of ecological visits from Sadong-gil to the Nari Basin, and the next day, from Jeodong to the Haengnam coast. On each day, beautiful scenery, seagull sounds, and pure coasts left a very big impression. We couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos with others, even with some residents of Ulleung-do. You don’t have to go abroad to travel to beautiful attractions of Sydney, Bali, or anywhere. If some of you block your eyes with a veil and arrive at the island and open your eyes, you may even think “Am I in the Maldives?” Exchanging with others, each group made their activities into UCCs about Dokdo and Ulleung-do by taking funny poses and running, even dancing.
On the last day, we took the ride to Dokdo. Due to cloudy weather and high waves, only 25 minutes were permitted for us to stay. All the students took a video for UCC with a song named “Dokdo is Our Land,” holding Korean flags. People who went there looked at us and smiled, and even asked me to take a picture with them. Dokdo is very small, and it is a little dangerous to live there. But there are garrisons on Dokdo who desperately defend our island from some Japanese. What a surprise! It must be very hard to go on the mission; only the duty to save that small friend makes it possible for a long time. We couldn't see all the aspects of Dokdo, but with excited and pious hearts, all the people went back to the ship behind the garrison.
After all of this, we had one last time to eat dinner and said goodbye with much inconvenience. Students from both universities exchanged their own ideas very well during the trip. Some cried with glowing tears on their cheeks. Saving Dokdo could be the main theme for us, but the truth that we were together for a short time was not left behind. If you want to feel what we felt, you should join the crew next year, and tell your friends and family about Dokdo and KNU. It will make us strong, and make Korean strong against those who are trying to steal our little-old friend.

Son Ho-yeong (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)

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