Do You Want a Cup of Tea?
Do You Want a Cup of Tea?
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When you think about black tea, what comes to your mind? You may think of nobles having tea time in England or some experiences of black tea having a bitter taste, unlike your fantasies of tea. Therefore, you may think black tea is elegant, but difficult and unpalatable. For people like you, there are some ways to enjoy black tea.

 Is Black Tea Produced from a Black Tea Tree?

Some people think black tea is produced from black tea tree like a coffee tree or green tea tree. However, all teas like black tea and green tea are produced from Camellia sinensis, which is a tea plant. The difference between black tea and green tea is the degree of tea leaves’ fermentation. Black tea is a tea of nearly 80% or more fermented tea leaves. Then, why is it ‘black’ tea? It is because of the tea leaves’ color. After the fermentation, tea leaves have a black color. In the East, black tea is called red tea because the color of tea is red.

 Black Tea in the World

Kinds of black teas are divided by areas where they are produced. Typical areas are India (Darjeeling), Sri Lanka (Uva), and China (Keemun). The Ceylon tea that many people know of is a generic term for all black tea from Sri Lanka. Also, black teas are divided by mix. Straight tea and blended tea are examples. Straight tea is made of pure leaves that are produced in only one area. Straight teas have special flavors. For example, Keemun has a smoky flavor and Darjeeling has a muscat flavor. Blended tea is made by mixing different areas’ leaves. Each company producing black tea has a special way to mix leaves.

 Brewing Black Tea : Tea Bags

If you want to drink delicious black tea but you have difficulty to obtain tea leaves and a tea pot, use tea bags. Many people think tea bags have less quality and taste than full leaf tea. However, if you follow these steps, you can drink delicious tea from a tea bag the same as full leaf tea.

① Fill a kettle powerfully with water. The makes the water contain lots of oxygen. Oxygen makes brewed tea more delicious.
② Heat the cup using hot water.
③ Boil water until it reaches 98 degrees.
④ Put the water in the cup and insert a tea bag smoothly from the edge of the cup.
⑤ Brew approximately one minute to two minutes and 30 seconds. Brewing time can be chosen according to your preference.
※ Attention!
① Don’t pour water on the tea bag directly.
② Don’t shake the tea bag in the water.
③ Don’t press the tea bag when you brew tea. If you press the tea bag, the tea starts to taste bitter. In this case, the tannin is brewed plentifully in the tea.

* How Is the Tea Bag Made?
In the 1900’s, Mr. Thomas, who was a wholesale tea merchant in America, sent samples of tea leaves put in a silk bag instead of an expensive copper can to retailers. One retailer brewed it and sold the tea bag first.

 Enjoy Black Tea More Richly!

① Milk Tea
Milk tea is one of the ways to enjoy black tea. It is a beverage that combines black tea and milk. First, heat the milk to 60 degrees. Next, combine it with black tea to brew strongly. Lastly, add some sweet additives like sugar or jam according to your preference. The softness of milk makes the bitter taste of black tea a good taste to drink. If you are bothered by drinking black tea because of the bitter taste, try milk tea.

Kim Ha-ram, Editor

② Iced Tea
The other way to enjoy black tea is making iced tea. There are two ways to make iced tea. The first way is pouring hot black tea over ice. The second way is putting a tea bag in cold water and brewing for eight hours in the refrigerator. Here is more detailed information for the second way. The amount is 100g of tea leaves per 1L of bottled water. If you use one tea bag, 200ml of water would be good. It is worth noting that iced tea contains less caffeine than hot brewed tea.

Now, does black tea seem familiar to you? Let’s try to drink black tea instead of coffee. Black tea will make you relaxed. If you have black tea with some cookies, then, it is always tea time!

Kim Ha-ram, Editor

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