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Show Yourself to Us! - CBNU Visual Media Clubs
2017년 08월 31일 (목) 11:05:00 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

We have lots of chances to experience exhibitions in many ways and through various kinds of mediums like books, movies, fine arts, cartoons, and photos. Visual media clubs such as Areum, Green Tree, FILM, Photo-Bus, and Silrok represent CBNU in this sphere. Have you seen them and their fantastic work? It’s time to learn about visual media clubs.

1. Become Much Greener, Green Tree


Green Tree is 33 years old and the only cartoon club in CBNU. They keep a warm atmosphere with club members because they meet in the club room often and talk about their tastes and what they like. In the second semester, they usually have a forum to talk about preferences and gather already made parts of work. Also, they publish a bulletin at the end of the year including club members’ cartoons, novels, illustrations, and so on. This year, the bulletin will be published with the topic of “fairytale.” It consists of parodies and members’ own fairytales.
As trees affect many people for many years, Green Tree impacts lives of both seniors and juniors. All of the club members hope to have good memories at Green Tree and become much greener with them.

2. Keep the World’s Beauty, Areum


Areum is 44 years old and is a CBNU fine art club. They pursue all kinds of art like oil painting, sketch, water color, and so on. Every Tuesday they have a meeting on an arranged topic and decide many club policies. With membership trainings and exhibitions, they solidify their members’ harmony and improve their skills and confidence in art. In the case of exhibitions in the fall, they decide the theme of exhibition one month before. They rent a museum and the date of the exhibition will be museum’s free day.
These days, Areum is planning outdoor drawing in one or two months, regular membership trainings in the fall and winter, and club room remodeling with mural work inside of the club.

3. Focus Audience on Important Issues, FILM


Passionate members of FILM club live for their common hobby. FILM started in 1989 and gathered all the movie lovers of CBNU. The club has a great collection of movies to watch and study. After training, they practice what they learned by making their own films from start to finish. In fact, all members take part in filming as scenario writers, directors, camerapersons, actors and staff. In this way, students gain experience in film making from all sides of it. They usually produce one short movie each semester. The movies are shown to the audience at a FILM preview and at film festivals in November.

4. Find Colorless Beauty, Silrok


This club was named literally from Korean as "Recording Reality". It was established in 1991 as a national photography research group. However, now it has been redesigned into a stylish black-and-white photo club. On one side, shooting in black-and-white may feel like it is for recording history. On the other hand, black-and-white format suits almost any type of photography. Moreover, seeing things in shades of grey makes us pay more attention to lines, textures, and shadows. Guided by these principles, the club holds a photo exhibition every November on an arranged topic. The themes vary every year and can be completely different.

5. Frame Your Amazing Life, Photo-Bus


No one has to be professional to take pictures! Photo-Bus is a photo club which proves the statement. Taking lifestyle pictures as a feature, they do not stick to hard rules, so all the members feel free and enjoy the process. They look at students, their everyday lives, routines, and entertainment in a positive way and take it all as a material for photos. Moreover, you will never be left alone as a part of Photo-Bus. The club promotes making deep connections within members, especially between seniors and juniors. Such practice teaches responsibility for each other and for common projects. Thanks to active participation in school life, the club is acclaimed as the best club of CBNU. However, it is not a reason to reap the benefits, but a stimulus to keep developing skills and continue an active public and school life.

In the second semester, there are lots of various exhibitions that are being planned by our visual media clubs. Fall is a fattening-up season for every creature. When you walk along the campus with rootless steps, do not blowoff your time. How about using time more effectively and fattening your mind with various exhibitions prepared by clubs?

Yu Da-yeon & Yan Natalya, Reporters

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