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Spread Your Book Spirit!
2017년 08월 31일 (목) 11:04:07 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Many people say that autumn is a good season to read a book. If there is a book to add sensitivity to your heart, moving away from the long, hot summer, your life will become richer. What meaningful sentences in a book touch your heart? Then, what sentence do you want to introduce to your special people?


The First Prize
Lee Myeong-eun, Department of Chinese Language & Literature
"Just to know that whatever happens to the river on its journey, it'll end up in something beautiful."
- River Boy by Team Boyler



The Second Prize
Kim Tae-sung, Department of Mechanical System Engineering
"Are you leaving? Where?" “To the moon” - A Small Ball that the Dwarf Threw by Cho Sei-hee

The Third Prize


1. Kim Seung-hyeon, Department of Physical Education
Flowers must have bees and butterflies. - Korean proverb

2. Kim Hyo-jin, Department of Architectural Engineering
Just live well, just live. - Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Seeing the above sentences, it seems that our mind also becomes enriched. In this way, reading books is a kind of unlimited travel through indirect experience. In Autumn, the best season for reading, why don’t you find good words in books that can be your own treasure? The next topic is “my special way to prepare for the winter.” Please send your photo and phrases to globe@jbnu.ac.kr. The CBNU Globe will be waiting for you!

Jin Seung-yeon, Editor

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