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70 Energetic Years of CBNU!
2017년 08월 31일 (목) 11:00:53 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr


It is important to study hard as a university student, since we entered CBNU to study more about subjects we are interested in, but isn’t it also important to enjoy campus life? Students at CBNU have been participating in many events. Let’s take a look at 70 years of these events.

 CBNU Homemade Festivals
Daedong Festival:


The Daedong Festival is an annual festival held at CBNU where students can have a time to relax. There are booth shows, various game events, and celebrity shows during the festival period. When the Daedong Festival is on, CBNU becomes a “hot place” because besides the many attractions, there are a lot of drinks and gorgeous people strolling around the campus. This year, world star PSY and girl group MAMAMOO came and got a lot of attention.



Donginje is an annual festival where CBNU clubs show off their skilled performances. When the sun is up, there are booth events with lots of things to experience. When the sun goes down, clubs like dance clubs and band clubs go on stage and do performances that they have practiced that year. This year, there was also a club exhibition and it was a great opportunity for students to get to know more about the clubs of CBNU.

College Festivals:


At CBNU, every college has its own unique festival. A typical example for a college festival is the “Engineering Sports Festival,” which is an engineering college festival. Each department or major of the college becomes one team and competes against other teams to win the grand prize. This event is like a big field day. Besides the “Engineering Sports Festival,” there are many more college festivals at CBNU.

 CBNU Festivals Presented by Various Organizations
MBC Campus Music Festival:


The MBC Campus Music Festival was a program in which students competed through singing skills with their own songs. The festival has been held in various universities since 1994 and in 2008, it was held at CBNU. Many bands such as Sing Gunji of CBNU and celebrities such as Bigbang and the Wondergirls came to celebrate this festival.

New Korean Wave Festival:


The New Korean Wave Festival was a festival in which students of the CBNU CK-1 organization held performances based on Korean culture in Cheongdo County, China and Nagasaki, Japan. For example, in China, collaboration with a beer festival was held and K-Pop songs were performed with Korean and Western instruments. They have held five successful festivals since 2014.

KBS Music Bank:


KBS Music Bank is one of the most popular music programs these days. It is usually recorded in studios, but on special occasions, it is recorded on special stages. On May 2017, it was held in the stadium of CBNU to celebrate The FIFA U-20 World Cup Korea in Jeonju. At 8 p.m. on the same day, fireworks and a 3D water screen flying board show were held in Dukjin Park to celebrate the U-20 World Cup Korea, so streets near CBNU were full of crowds.

Model United Nations:


 The Model United Nations (MUN) is a contest where students take charge of the UN and participate in a model conference, and the 23rd MUN was held at CBNU in July of 2017. In this event, students become ambassadors of each country like the actual UN. Students who contributed to the leading resolution won the contest. University students from all around the country including our school participated in this event as delegates or observers, and students of CBNU worked as the secretariat.

 Popular and Meaningful CBNU Events
CBNU Startup Events:


At CBNU, there are a lot of young and ambitious entrepreneurs so there are a lot of startups and startup related events like flea markets and “show me the startup” day. In these events, the startups present their products to CBNU students and sell those products. The positive effects of these events are that consumers can experience the products themselves and the producers can get feedback instantly.

Opening Ceremony of CBNU:


The unique aspect of CBNU is that it has two birth dates. CBNU was officially recognized as a university in 1952. However, the roots of CBNU started in 1947 as an agricultural college. Thus, President Kim Soo-Gon labelled 1947 as the start of CBNU, and this eventually made 2017 the 70th Anniversary of CBNU. In the early years of CBNU, almost every anniversary was celebrated and the locals also participated in the event. However, starting from the 2000s, the celebration now goes by the decade and is less celebrated than before. This year, the 70th anniversary of CBNU is going to be celebrated on October 13th. If you are interested, participate in the event and feel the excitement.

Lee Se-jong Memorial:


During the May 18 Democratic Uprising, CBNU student Lee Se-jong was badly injured by soldiers and found dead in front of the CBNU First Students Hall. He is officially the first victim of the military junta and a memorial was made at CBNU to remember him. Every year, when May 18 comes, CBNU students pay their respects to Lee Se-jong.

Candlelight Protest:

On December 9, 2016 at the CBNU Old Gate, more than 500 students gathered for the impeachment of President Park. Beforehand, CBNU students also went to Seoul for the candlelight protest rally. On the day of the candlelight protest rally, CBNU students read a declaration and had time for free speech and a performances. Also, CBNU students marched around the campus holding candles.

Clearly, CBNU has been holding big and small events for 70 years. These events give us not only happiness, but also beneficial information which enhances students’ campus life satisfaction. We hope that you pay continuous attention to these various events. Also, why don’t you become a producer yourself next time? It will be a valuable and unique experience!

Kim Ha-ram, Editor, Chang Seung-won & Roh Kyu-lee, Reporters

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