President Suh Geo-suk awarded medal by Mongolian President
President Suh Geo-suk awarded medal by Mongolian President
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President Suh Geo-suk
President Suh Geo-suk received a medal from the Mongolian president for his steady educational cooperation and development of universities in Mongolia.
He concluded an agreement for the operation of an international dual degree program(IDDP) with the National University of Mongolia, Mongolia National University of Science and Technology, Mongolia National Agricultural University and Ulaanbaatar University in 2007.
Also, he has continued to actively exchange faculty, student and academic information and to encourage joint research and conference hosting through IDDP as well as to allow credit exchange.
“I feel honored highly by receiving a medal,” Preident Seo said. “We will try to advance universities of Mongolia and enhance competitiveness for the future together.”

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