Professor Lee Dong-won Develops Nano Medicine
Professor Lee Dong-won Develops Nano Medicine
  • 승인 2017.08.31 10:50
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Professor Lee Dong-won in the Department of Polymer Nano Science & Technology developed a fibrin-targeted imaging and antithrombotic Nano medicine which effectively diagnoses and suppresses thrombus. His study was published in ACS Nano, the most prestigious journal in Nano Science. His team applied technology which targets thrombus selectively through this medicine, so thrombus can be diagnosed and treated effectively. Professor Lee planned and developed the Nano particle that facilitates primary diagnosis and treatment. Professor Lee said, “Up to now, there has been no medicine that controlled highly concentrated noxious active oxygen that happened in cardiovascular risks and suppressed thrombus formation. Therefore, through additional research, we expect that this research can reach the clinical stage.”

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