Be a True Master of Your Body!
Be a True Master of Your Body!
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What separates special people from ordinary people in any field? You can give a lot of answers such as luck or natural ability, but I think the key to make oneself more special is self-regulation. How do you truly control yourself without attracting temptation today? In my case, I fall prey to a lot of temptations such as making appointments with friends and watching entertainment or dramas during the test period.

Originally, humans consciously planned to achieve their desired goals for a better life. But, in the process of keeping the plan, there are external variables that degrade the process for success. These variables include lazy habits, addictive behavior, decreased motivation, and so on. If these external variables are bigger than their self-control ability, even if the plan is gorgeous, the end remains at a standstill. Many people, including me, sympathize with this experience. In my case, I was seriously concerned about this problem and tried to find a solution. I looked at a lot of self-improvement books and watched various lectures. Finally, I could narrow it down to two answers.

First, it is necessary to feel a sense of accomplishment in the process. For example, when playing a computer game, the game can show achievements that are visible immediately through quests and levels. Thus, people are more engaged and the goals are easier to achieve. However, the things that most people want like good grades or weight loss are not visible in a short time and need patience and tenacity to overcome temptations. In order to be able to overcome this, making some of one’s own accomplishments can be the driving force for work. For example, it is good to write down the amount of study or exercise you did at the end of the day and give yourself brief feedback. It might sound strange to write down what you did after you finished your work. However, if these records are gathered and made into their own kind of achievements, it can bring you joy to feel accomplishment.

Second, raise your willingness to fight your inner self steadily. The body naturally pursues something comfortable and easy in contrast to the more motivated head. In other words, there is a disagreement between thinking and body. To overcome this, you have to overcome the unpleasant and offensive feelings about following your head until it becomes a habit, away from unpleasant feelings.
At this moment, many people dream of what they want to be for a desirable life. I think this self-regulating ability helps to reach it. Therefore, I hope that everyone will really control themselves and achieve everything they aimed for in the new semester, starting again.

Jin Seung-yeon, Editor

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