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Look inside the Campus! - CBNU Academic CLUB
2017년 07월 03일 (월) 11:10:45 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Black & White Stone, Cosmos, Baenanghana, CPU, Heungsadahn. Can you guess what clubs we will introduce this time? We will introduce CBNU academic clubs. In academic clubs, you can experience interesting studies and expand your knowledge by exchanging opinions. Among many clubs, we interviewed the heads of Black & White Stone and CPU and also looked into Cosmos, Baenanghana, and Heungsadahn.

1. Which Stone Wins? Black & White Stone

Could you explain Black & White Stone briefly?
Our club is one of the oldest Baduk (the game of Go) clubs in the nation. It was founded in the 1980s. There are about 600 club alumni. Now, 50 students are enrolled. There is a small percentage of female students, but they are taking an active role in our club. Furthermore, they must be our club’s president or vice president. In particular, the instructor, Yang Wan-kyu, has been working hard for our club for about 40 years.

 I think there are some students who are unfamiliar with Baduk. Is it possible to join the club if students don't know anything about Baduk?
Our club is made up of beginner, basic, intermediate, and advanced groups aimed at grade holders, so those who do not know anything about Baduk can enter the beginners' class and improve their skills.


 What is good about playing Baduk?
First, concentration gets better. As you read the numbers which are the ability to look ahead, you can develop reasoning ability. Secondly, Baduk is a good-manner sport, so you can learn good manners.

 What is important to play Baduk well?
The most important thing I think is to be interested in it. Once you are interested in playing Baduk, you will be able to play Baduk patiently for a long time and improve your skills naturally.

Lastly, let me know if you have any comments for CBNU students.
Although many Baduk clubs are disappearing, our club is actively running. In the club, our members can learn Baduk and make their own leagues so that they can enjoy Baduk in a more enthusiastic way. Lastly, I am really grateful that our instructor has worked hard to train his disciples for 40 years. Our instructor, Yang Wan-kyu, is consistently striving for the development of our club as amateur president of Baduk.

2. Spread of Computer Mind! : CPU
˙What does CPU mean? And I want to know the purpose of the establishment and the history of CPU.
CPU means Chonbuk National University Personal Computer User Club. Under the slogan “Spread of Computer Mind,” we plan to promote mutual friendship and aim to contribute to the development of CBNU and the community. We are exchanging information and teaching our programs by holding an academic lecture because of these reasons. Our club belongs to the CBNU Club Association and has played a leading role as pioneer of computer clubs.

 I have a question about new club members. What made you choose CPU?
I wanted to know about computer programming, but my major was not related to it. Since I applied to this club, I could approach programming easily.

Then, what is the advantage of this club in your opinion?
Our club’s older members are so skilled, so I can get many opportunities to learn programming.

I heard that you are doing a lot of academic activities through weekly meetings. What do you usually do?
We mainly study. Now, we are doing work such as C language, PYTHON, CVAVR, and JAVA periodically. We have a meeting and friendship-oriented social events to harmonize with all club members every Monday. Furthermore, we are carrying out volunteer activities to teach Scratch, connected with Shocking Sound and Code Club.

 Please let me know about the exhibition of CPU in 2017.
We are preparing an exhibition in 2017, and we plan to open the exhibition in the second semester. The programming source code and the program will be displayed this year.


3. The Answer Is Debate to Make School Life Valuable: Cosmos
Cosmos was established in 1967, and 2017 is the 50th anniversary. Cosmos is a debate club and started in order to hold a meeting with CBNU students about social instability in our society and social irregularities. Cosmos promotes friendship among the members and aims to do “perfection of self,” ”mutual friendship,” and ”social purification.” Cosmos has a regular discussion every Wednesday. They choose an easy and comfortable topic that all students can approach. Cosmos’s members can have a wide personal connection from bachelor’s degree seniors who belong to various organizations to seniors in school.

4. It Is Enough to Travel Just with One Backpack!: Baenanghana
The club aims to make memories while traveling around beautiful places all over the country. It is a big advantage to be able to deepen friendships with members while traveling directly. It is also possible to communicate widely with other college students and make a great fellowship. For this reason, the club boasts a high enrollment rate among other academic clubs every year. In March, the club will have an opening session and welcome new students. The club travels about six times a year during the four seasons. In addition, the club has a year-end trip for greeting the New Year in December.

5. Be a Good Citizen, Make a Better Society! : Heungsadahn
Heungsadhan is an ethnic group founded in 1913 by An Chang-ho, a famous Korean independence activist, aimed at enhancing power, nurturing character, and improving national dignity for independence and prosperity. Heungsadan also aimed to establish a foundation for national prosperity by forming a character with a spirit of heroism, allegiance, and loyalty. Following this spirit, CBNU Heungsadan also strives to cultivate workers’ responsibility for contributing to the development of national society. The club is carrying out various training activities and social education programs, especially for young people to grow up as true, progressive, and cooperative workers. Through these activities, it was selected as a youth club activity support project by Jeollabuk-do youth group consultation in May. Every Thursday during the semester, the club holds regular meetings or discussions. In August, they climb Jiri mountain together to promote friendship.

If you are tired of the fixed answers of study and want to experience the pleasure of study, join these academic clubs! You can acquire skills that are applied to real life situations and exchange knowledge with students who have similar interests.

Jin Seung-yeon, Editor & Park Chan-hye, Cub-Reporter

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