Mirror, Mirror, Who Is the Most Beautiful Woman?
Mirror, Mirror, Who Is the Most Beautiful Woman?
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What do you think the most beautiful flower is? Probably an answer cannot even exist since all the flowers have their characteristic scents and colors. Even in the case of flowers which do not have special scents or showy colors, people look at them with admiration. So do we. I knew this fact rationally, but did not apply it to my life.

After graduating high school, when I thought it was time to be an adult, the first thing I tried to do was use makeup. Like many common girls, I was convinced by the power of make-up, which could make an ugly woman a beautiful woman. I visited some beauty exhibitions and was not reluctant to meet professional make-up artists. From these experiences, I gradually could learn various make-up skills and some acquaintances asked me for make-up. I wanted to make my face smaller and eyes bigger to look beautiful.

However, one day, looking at my image while trying desperately hard to put on more colorful make-up, I questioned myself: “Why do you use make-up, for yourself or others?” At that time, I tried to meet other’s standards of beauty because only if they gave praise could I be satisfied with my appearance. As a result, paradoxically, the heavier the makeup, the more awkward I felt.

To find my real beauty, I had to face the real me. I’m ashamed to say, small, single eyelids and angular face were exactly who I was. Interestingly, trying to find my own beauty, little by little, I realized my special charm. Thanks to my big face, people could find me more easily than others and my single eyelids were the unique oriental beauty which could not be bought with money. For me, my face is beautiful as it is. Now, every morning, I put on make-up to show the special and individual me. Likewise, whenever I walk on the street, I cannot help thinking that everyone is handsome and awesome as they are.

Even though far from the typical beauty, we have individual, charming, and only wonderful characters. Sadly, some of my friends are too conscious of trends and of others. I do not mean that people should not follow the fads, but I wish that they knew their own beauty. All people are attractive and charming as they are. How about you? If you already knew this fact, I envy you so much. Meanwhile, if you have not looked at yourself with admiration and love, I recommend for you to love yourself; then, the whole world will be awesome.


Son Woo-kyung, Editor

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