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Want to Exercise at CBNU? Try CBNU Sports Clubs!
2017년 04월 28일 (금) 11:58:42 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

When you think of club activities, what theme comes first to your mind? There might be various answers, but most people think of sports like soccer, tennis, etc. At CBNU, there are a lot of sports-related clubs. At these clubs, not only can you learn sports but you can also make new friends and learn much more. Why don’t we find out what kind of clubs there are?


●Shoot That Cock High in the Air: High Cock


High Cock is a badminton club at CBNU. The name is a compound of the words “high clear” and the word “shuttlecock.” It means a shuttlecock high in the air and also means that we should go up high like that shuttlecock. High Cock started in 2012 and currently has 69 active members. Even the seniors and graduates sometimes come to the club and exercise together. Also, members participate in various badminton contests. No matter how good or bad you are, if you have the passion, you are always welcome to come and exercise weekly.

●Beware of the Shark: Shark


The name for the swimming club is “Shark.” Why is the name Shark? The reason is because a shark has a strong image and is curious without fear. Shark was established in 1992, and 2017 is the 26th anniversary. Shark is the only swimming club at CBNU and aims for members to swim correctly and be healthy. Shark holds various swimming competitions and members participate in the triathlon every year. In the triathlon, members swim 1.5km, cycle 40km, and run 10km. Members meet at seven in the morning, and after an hour’s swimming, eat breakfast together. Every semester, members get their status checked and evaluated.

●Why Not Go for a Ride on Geonji Mountain: Gunji Bike


Gunji Bike is a bicycle club at CBNU for people who love riding bikes and are interested in them. The name of this club is a compound of Geonji Mountain near CBNU and the word “bike.” No matter how old you are, what bike you ride, or what grade you’re in, you can join this club. Gunji Bike aims to have a safe and cheerful biking life. There are tools to fix bikes at the club and many people to become friends with. If you love bikes, why not join this club? The dates for meeting are uploaded on the internet café, so don’t forget to check them out too!

●The sword is not just a weapon: Jeong-geomhoe


Jeong-geomhoe is a kendo club with 30 years of history. Doing kendo does not mean you only exercise; you also learn manners. Members learn how to govern their minds, swords, and themselves by training continually. Even beginners can join this club. After training, members participate in various kendo contests.

●Ever Tried Korean Martial Arts?: Taekkyon Jikimi


Taekkyon Jikimi is a club that learns Taekkyon, a Korean martial art. Taekkyon Jikimi means “people who love and perserve taekkyon.” In Taekkyon Jikimi, everybody has an equal standing, so it is easy to become friends with each other. Also, members train every week and there are many contests and events related to Taekkyon. There are not many places to learn Taekkyon so why don't you try it out? Everyone is welcome to come and learn!

●Under the Sea: Bada Sarang


Bada Sarang is the only skin scuba diving club in CBNU. The club has been around for 28 years and proudly states that there have been no accidents. If you love being in the water and meeting people, this is the club for you. Every Thursday members meet and talk about the theories of scuba diving and every month members practice scuba diving in the swimming pool. In the summer, the club members go to Jeju Island and do “real” scuba diving in the sea.

In this article, we got to know about some sports clubs. However, there are many more sports clubs in CBNU. If the sport you’re interested in is not in this article, there will probably be one at CBNU. For a healthy campus life, exercise is essential. Why don’t you go and try some of the sports introduced in this article?







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