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Practicing Global Consciousness
2017년 04월 28일 (금) 09:32:17 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr


Our CBNU campus currently hosts hundreds of foreign students from all corners of the globe. In light of this, I feel it would behoove Koreans well to play the role of hosts and hostesses to these foreign students and instructors.
Other than by improving their English language skills, how can our CBNU students host foreign students? One suggestion would be to climb out of the “shy shell” and TRY talking with foreign students on campus or wherever, keeping in mind that English for most of them, is also a foreign or second language. It is not imperative to speak absolutely perfect English, but rather to simply have the confidence to communicate in English. That confidence can be built up over time in a number of ways.
Attending and participating actively in Practical English class is one way. For freshman students at CBNU, this is an obligatory class designed to help students overcome any fear of English and build up confidence and competence when speaking with foreigners, native speakers or not.
Watching English movies, dramas, and plays is another way. Doing these kinds of activities helps your English listening skills. If you watch English television, cover up any subtitles on the screen, so that you are only listening and not reading. At the CBNU main library, there is an extensive A/V (Audio/Visual) section where you can watch DVDs and BlueRay movies using headsets. You could also invite a foreign student to sit and watch with you, too. After watching, you could talk about the movie.
Listening to English music or radio talk shows, like NPR (National Public Radio), is also beneficial. You would do this not to understand everything, but instead to become familiar with listening to natural spoken English, as opposed to recordings made for English study purposes.
Finally, there is the trusted method for communication: good old conversation with others. Start by asking a few questions. Be brave and unafraid to make mistakes. Everyone learns from mistakes. Mistakes are good. No one is born perfect, as no one IS perfect. We strive for perfection, and that is good, but we must never believe that we are perfect.
For our CBNU Korean students, if you and your family are open-minded, then inviting a foreign student or two to celebrate Chuseok or Solnal with your family would be a win-win situation for you and your family, as well as the foreigners. Place yourselves in the shoes of a foreign student, in an unfamiliar country, with no family around, and many restaurants closed, while Koreans are all celebrating a traditional holiday, eating yummy, delicious food, and seeing family.
From personal experience, many Korean families are curious about foreigners. It would be very nice for a foreign student to be invited by a Korean family to their home. If you visited a foreign country for a longer period of time, wouldn’t you also wish to have some “native” friends from that country to hang out with during special holidays, to learn customs from, and exchange stories about each other’s culture? Think about it.

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