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It Is More than Fun!
2017년 03월 07일 (화) 14:33:54 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

What comes to mind when you think of donation? Do you recall an image such as supporting an organization by doing an account transfer and card payment or a call to help the poor on television? This means you do not know the trend of donation. Nowadays, the trend of donation is summarized by a new word, “funation.” Then, let’s see what makes donation fun!

Funation? What Is It?
“Funation” is a compound word of “fun” and “donation,” which means people feel happiness when they donate. This let cumbersome and uncomfortable donations be accessed easily and in a fun way. Donating part of the credit card fees and concerts’ proceeds are also included in funation in a broad sense. Now people focus on how to donate, not how much to do.

Wow! Is It Really Donation?
- DIY Funation: Do It Yourself (DIY) is also kind of funation in which donors participate in making items. Lots of NGOs make donation kits and allow donors to participate in production. Save the Children has continued its Hat Knitting Campaign for ten years. The hat knitting campaign is a participatory campaign through which donors knit hats for newborn babies under 28 days in Africa and Asia. These knitted hats are sent overseas to regulate the babies’ body temperatures and to keep them warm. This campaign is popular with female donors who love knitting. Also, the Miral Welfare Foundation has steadily continued its Lighting Children Campaign. In this campaign donors assemble solar lanterns and send them to Africa, where electricity is lacking.


- Digital Funation: Digital funation has an advantage in that people can enjoy donation without financial burden. First, ‘Big Walk’ provides opportunities to be a walking hero. Just walking can make people feel worthwhile and also can take care of their health. When you walk while the app is turned on, money called “noon” is accumulated at the rate of one won for every ten meters. Then you can choose a story in the story box and donate the “noon.” Second, ‘Tree Planet’ is an app in which growing a baby tree can actually plant trees in countries which lack forests and have treeless area like deserts. ‘Tree Planet’ is also operating a crowdfunding service and receives individual and group application for creating environmentally and socially valuable forest projects such as “Forest of China anti-desertification” and “Forest of Sewol ferry memory.” In another case, Hallyu (Korean Wave) fans around the world made forests, and about 80 forests were made through this star forest project. Third, ‘Freerice’ is a quiz website which is divided into categories such as English, math, humanities, chemistry, and geography. When you answer the question, ten grains of rice are donated, and all money goes to the UN World Food Program to help people suffering from hunger. Through this app, lots of people in Asia and Africa have received daily food. If you want to study English and play a game to make a donation, this is the perfect way to “kill three birds with one stone.” Lots of children still do not have an opportunity to study in school all around the world, even though children should get the education at school. If you want to improve educational environment, participate in ‘The Monster’ donation. The Monster contains participatory video contents, and the original title was “If you feel sympathy, defeat the monster.” In this animation the monster comes out and lots of situations occur in which children cannot go to school. At the end of this video, common missions are assigned to defeat the monster that stopped the children from going to school. The way to defeat the monster is simple, just one message. A dollar and 25 cents per message is donated to UNICEF, and this money is used for children’s educational support.

Tell Me More Special Funation Methods!
- Health Donation Staircase:
Walking up the stairs can make people healthy and can also support handicapped children. When people walk up two stairs, it has the effect burning 0.3 kcal and ten won is also accumulated per each user. About 16 staircases are available throughout the Seoul subway station. Each stair has a sensor, and the usage is calculated when people walk up the stairs. On average, about 5,000 people use these stairs per day. The contribution is usually used to support ambulatory rehabilitation equipment to help children who have leg disabilities to walk.

- Ice Bucket Challenge: The Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign to establish a more lively interest about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and to activate donation. This campaign began in 2014 and spread quickly throughout social networking communities and became a global trend. The way of this campaign is that the participant shoots a video and nominates three people who will challenge themselves next. Then the people who are nominated can accept the challenge by pouring ice water on themselves within 24 hours or donate 100 dollars to the ALS Association. This campaign was different from previous donations in that this encouraged easy and fun participation for people. Actually, former U.S. President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We have seen lots of various funations up until now. From now on, do not say that donation is hard and you cannot afford to do it. If you still feel it is too hard, just enter the app store and download an app and do a few clicks and walk. It is a little click and a short walk, but when it piles up, it can be bigger and the world can be brighter. How about funation for our neighbors and also for your fun?

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