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What Makes Spring Beautiful
2017년 03월 07일 (화) 14:07:38 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

After the cold winter passes, the warm breeze blows and small flower buds are born. “Although only one flower blooms, you can know that spring comes.” As the proverb says, flowers are messengers of spring, and spring is the season of flowers. Now, let’s find out what kind of flowers dye our surroundings.

Let’s Play a Spring Treasure Hunter Game at CBNU
Many colorful flowers like apricot blossom, magnolia, azalea, Korean forsythia, and cherry blossom embroider the spring. Also, many flowers bloom on the CBNU campus. Let’s find out where these flowers are at CBNU and learn about that.


(1)Korean forsythia (The road to the Information & Computing Center)


Korean forsythia is a typical yellow flower in Korea. Its charming four yellow petals are the feature of Korean forsythia. When spring comes, this flower can be seen first in most parts of Korea. This flower means “hope” and it matches March and April, the months of beginning. Also, this flower means “deep affection” and “achievement.” Korean forsythia’s seed and root are used to make medicine. Some make fermented drinks with the flowers, too.

(2)Magnolia (The road to the Law School)


After the Korean forsythia blooms, magnolias begin to bloom. In Korea, magnolia is called Mok-ryeon, which means “lotus flower on the tree.” The magnolia consists of two types of flower. One is magnolia denudate Desr.(Yulan), whichhas white flowers, and the other is magnolia liliflora Desr.(Lily Magnolia), which has reddish-purple flowers.
Magnolia means “obility,” which is suitable for the magnolia’s pure and elegant image that blooms to the sky. This flower has different languages for it depending on the color. “Yulan” means “hopeless love” and “lily magnolia” means “love nature.”

(3)Cherry Blossom (The road to the College of Commerce)


In late March, when a mild and warm breeze blows, there are tiny pink buds on the branches. Those are cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms consist of various types of flowers. First, Yoshino Cherry is a common cherry blossom that blooms in late March to early April. This flower means “chastity” and “stunning beauty.” Next is the double cherry blossom, which is double-flowered. This flower blooms one or two weeks later than the yoshino cherry, so it blooms in early April. This flower means “refinement” and “virtue.” Besides these, there are the wild cherry blossom, weeping cherry, and winter cherry blossom. The wild cherry blooms in the mountains and has a darker and more vivid color than the yoshino cherry. A weeping cherry blooms near the reservoirs or riversides. Winter cherry blossoms bloom in the winter.
Cherry blossoms are useful as well as beautiful. Flowers are used for making tea or liquor. The trunks of this tree are used for making furniture and instruments because this tree’s trunk has a smooth surface and doesn’t rot well. Also, most of the printing woodblocks of the Tripitaka Koreana at Hapcheon Haein Temple were made of cherry tree. Moreover, it was an essential material for making bows.


*The legend of the Magnolia


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess in the heaven. Many young men wanted to marry her but she loved the god of the north ocean. One day, the princess got out the palace and went to the north ocean to meet the god. However, he was already married. The princess was shocked by the fact and threw herself from the top of the cliff into the sea. When the god heard that, he was in deep sorrow and thought that his wife had caused the princess’s death. As a result, he killed his wife. The Great Jade Emperor knew all of that, so he let yulan bloom on the princess’s grave and lily magnolia on the god’s wife’s grave. The magnolias that bloomed from the two women’s souls who loved the god of the north ocean bloomed toward the north, missing the god of the north ocean.

The Way to Enjoy Spring Flowers
(1)Wansan Flower Garden


Wansan Flower Garden changed from a 30-year-old royal azalea habitat to a resting place for citizen. In this place, you can see various spring flowers. In particular, double cherry blossoms are beautiful there.

(2)Jeonju Zoo


Jeonju Zoo is most famous for cherry blossoms in Jeonju. The zoo is decorated like a park. The Yoshino cherry that blooms along the road has a splendid view. When cherry blossoms bloom, the zoo specially opens until 11:00 pm. If you go to the zoo at night, you can enjoy a different pleasure.

Maybe, because of the flowers, spring is beautiful. These flowers are more beautiful since they endured winter and finally bloomed. Our life is the same. If you endure a strong wind, your blooming day will come. To all people who run toward the day, we dedicate all these beautiful flowers.

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