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Journey to Find My Values
2017년 03월 07일 (화) 09:58:11 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

Sometimes, there comes a point when we feel doubtful about anything though it is what we've always done before. Doubtful thoughts such as “Am I doing well now?” or “Why am I doing this?” come to our mind and bother us. Otherwise, when we are planning to start something, we may not be sure if we should do it or not. Then, we need to think about what the values are that keep us going.
I think it is very important to think about what the criteria of my decisions in my life have been until now. Was it someone's recognition or reward? Did I enjoy the process or put higher value on the result? We need to think of what made us move carefully.
Think about the words such as sincerity, respect, peace, honor, ability, interest, courage, responsibility, morality, the development of society and so on. Which word do you think is worth it to you? In addition, you need to consider several things. There are not any exact criteria about what to consider. In my case, I have thought of which one made me most excited until now, and I have tried to find what I really wanted to do without any other's interference. In addition, I have considered which value gave me energy to overcome the difficulties. I can make sure which one is worth it to me by considering them. You will also be able to discover your own values by asking several questions to yourself.
Life is always affected by the environment, circumstances, and so on. When I feel I am just living as time passes or on the demands of the society, my values help me to stand up again. If you think about what is worthwhile to you often, you can realize your own values. Write down everything that comes to your mind and prioritize it. The values will be the energy to take one step forward in your life. Otherwise, you will be able to have courage to give up if the task is not suitable for your value.
If you do not realize which element is meaningful in your life, take your time to think about it. Your value is the center of your life. When you are planning to start something or if something makes you have difficulty, think of your values. If it is suitable for your standards of values, all you need to do is find a way to handle the situation and make it a success. On the other hand, if it is not, it can be a chance to give up without any regrets. Your values will become a guide in your life.

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