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Three Years of CBNU GLOBE
2017년 01월 02일 (월) 16:35:23 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

The feeling that we have when we experience something for the first time is always strange, unnatural, and awkward. For instance, when we walk to a new school on the first day, everything that we see while walking to the school is very new and strange. However, time passes and the path that we once walked for the first time becomes a normal, everyday view. Likewise, we can easily notice that something “awkward” shifts to being “common” as time passes. For my first “Desk Column,” I wrote about “expectation.” When I was writing it, I felt something unusual because I had never written on this page of the magazine before. Now I am writing my last column. Feeling the confidence of my three years, I want to share what I have earned through the years at the CBNU Globe.
In my freshman year, when I first joined the CBNU Globe, everything was new and exciting. The new environment, new people, new work made me adjust more to my little society. While processing those duties, I realized that I needed a certain ability called “responsibility.” Most of the work had a common ground of responsibility. Every work meeting, article due date, regulation and even small appointment with other colleagues or seniors was not an exception without responsibility. Naturally, I got to acquire responsibility while adjusting myself to the atmosphere of the CBNU Globe.
After acquiring responsibility, I became a sophomore in a position called, “reporter.” This was the year when we worked most actively, meeting lots of people to interview, writing a full-length article, and being sandwiched between the juniors and the freshmen. Therefore, sophomores had so much chance to develop interpersonal-social skills. Like, learning how to become comfortable with the interviewee whom I met for the first time was actually quite a hard thing to do. In addition, I mentioned above about being sandwiched. The role of the sophomore, who is in the middle between the freshmen, who need caring for, and the seniors, who we are to follow, offers a chance to develop interpersonal skills.
When I was the only junior and the editor-in-chief of the CBNU Globe, there were a few unexpected risks that I had to take. Since I could not just abandon those problems, I learned how to deal with them and to solve them. The truth is that there is a time when we all must face the problem that we fear. However, I know that fear can also be transformed into courage and will power with the right amount of driving force.
Lastly, the most valuable and cherished thing that I got from working at the CBNU Globe was the amazing people that I got to work with. I cherish all my relationships with my seniors, my juniors, my colleagues, and also everyone working for the Press of CBNU. Thanks to them, I learned responsibility, social skills, the ability to deal with risks and problems, and so much more. It was an amazing three-year journey for me, and I would never forget what I have learned in the small dusty room that I love. Lastly, I believe I must thank you, those who are reading this column and enjoying the content that the CBNU Globe provides. Thank you, our dearest readers!

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