What Is Your Perspective on Youth Unemployment?
What Is Your Perspective on Youth Unemployment?
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Most OECD countries have suffered from youth unemployment because of economic depression. Now, in Korea, more than four hundred thousand people in their twenties are unemployed. Then, what are the reason and solution for the youth unemployment? The CBNU Globe interviewed four people: a student, graduate-to-be, mother, and elementary teacher. Let’s find out what each person’s perspective on youth unemployment is.

There are nine best conditions for employment as follows:
Prestigious university, perfect grades, perfect TOEIC score, language training abroad, many certificates, winning many contests, careers as intern, community service, and cosmetic surgery.
Did you know?
Job applicants in Korea prepare on average at least five qualifications, and the cost for job applications averages 1.3 million won.

As a student (Kim Gi-hyun from the Department of History)
About a year ago I did not expect that the youth unemployment problem would become my problem. I thought it would never happen if I made a great effort, but most of my friends and acquaintances needed to give up their dreams and suffered from youth unemployment. I think youth unemployment was made by the immoral, greedy minority. They made today’s unstable labor market and working environment, but they think young people work only for major companies and that causes the youth unemployment problem. To solve the youth unemployment problem, an environment in which young persons can work free from the immoral, shameless elder-minority’s perspectives should be made. For me, youth unemployment will affect me in the near future. This is an inevitable future. 

As a graduate-to-be (Choi You-seon from the Department of Mass Communication)
As my graduation is not far from now, I can desperately realize the youth unemployment problem. Problems of youth unemployment are from a vulnerable social safety net policy and excessive rate of entering college. Korea needs a social safety net for young persons to support active self-improvement programs. This net will give confidence to the young by giving thehope that young adults can live regardless of educational, economic, or family background. Also, Korea needs to merge weak universities because there are too many universities, making employment tougher. I think Korea cannot solve the youth unemployment problem without overall, innovative reform from the government.

As a mother (Jeon Mee-jeong)
I think the youth unemployment problem is serious because it makes young graduates lethargic and makes them feel deprivation. That deprivation causes a continuation of previous employment forms. Also, I think the biggest problem is a major company-centered educational logic. That logic has continued from the older generation to the new generation. This structure should start to change with us: not using the logic from the world, but from our communities or our regions. This can change the form of employment. It is hard to change policies or systems through each individual, but if the younger people’s perception improves, forms of employment will be changed for sure. For our future generation, this problem must be solved.

As an Elementary teacher (Yoo Sarah)
The youth unemployment problem impacts many young students. These days, even from kindergarten, many parents want to make their children smart. I saw many elementary students who studied with private education before and after studying at school. Most mothers that I met before have too much care for their children’s study attitudes. They hope for their children to become more active and keep ahead of everybody or at least be above the average. They look like they want to achieve their dreams by using their children. To solve this problem, more jobs are needed. Also, parents should let their children choose jobs by themselves. Children should do what they want, then they will personally prepare requirements for the jobs they like.

Youth unemployment can be a problem for anyone. Whatever social class you belong to, you should deal with this problem seriously and find out a solution for this problem, because this problem can be your family’s. If you have job applicants around you, why don’t you comfort them with a warm and soothing voice?

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