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Believe in Yourself and Go Ahead!
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In November 2016, the proud news was heard that Shin Gyu-ho, an alumnus of the Department of Social Welfare, passed the Public Administration Examination! In particular, he is the first CBNU graduate who passed the social welfare field in the public administration examination. Let’s listen to his story!

Since you passed the examination, you must have been doing many things. What are you doing nowadays? When will you be assigned to a position?
Since the final result was announced, I have been expressing gratitude to people who supported my long studying period and I have experienced many things that I could not do due to the test. Probably, until May of next year, I will rest while reading books, studying English, and so on. After that, I will be trained in the Government Official Development Institute for almost six months. During the training, I will have overseas training, practical administration training, and constitutional education in more detail.

Recently, lots of CBNU students have been doing many extracurricular activities like volunteering, student competitions, and internships. What did you mainly do when you were an undergraduate?
When I was an undergraduate, I acted in a play in the theater club and I was the president of the Department of Social Welfare. Furthermore, I did various volunteer work, and this was the major motivation for me to be a public administrator. In particular, helping low-income and underfed children, I realized the ceiling of current social welfare policies a lot. The many times when I shared joy and sorrow with diverse people as a volunteer helped me to endure the long and hard studying period.

You studied in the CBNU Injae Examination Class for the exam. Can you give a detailed explanation about your life as a test taker? Also, how did you overcome difficulties?
If I had prepared the exam alone, I could not have passed the test by now. I studied in the CBNU Injae Examination Class and was supported by the class. Sometimes many alumni who had passed the test advised this, and it was very helpful for me. On the other hand, many CBNU students prepared general administration duties, so I was the only test taker who prepared social welfare duties in the class. If you have decided to do things that people were reluctant to do, believe in yourself and trust your ability. When it comes to the way I studied, I want to say choice and concentration. I did not study all day by constraint, but concentrated ten hours a day. In my opinion, people tend to fall into slumps when they are physically weak, so I exercised regularly and got some rest on Sundays.

These days, there are many young students who prepare to be public administrators. Can you give advice to CBNU students who prepare for other public examinations?
If you do not have confidence about your way of study, I recommend for you to study persistently with a couple of books. It is very important to make things that you did not understand your own learning. Furthermore, believe in yourself! In retrospect, I regret comparing myself with other examinees of prestigious universities and being negative sometimes. However, whenever I felt like that, I tried to look on the bright side and focus on what I could change. In particular, CBNU is developing highly, so have pride in yourself and you do not need to be daunted.

If you are planning to take a test like the Public Administration Examination or the Teacher Certification Examination or to enter the press, CBNU’s Woolim Injae Class would help you!
CBNU and Woolim Construction Company reconstructed the Woolim Injae Examination Class in 2005, and it has supported CBNU test takers in various fields. This class provides adequate environments like video study rooms and professor consultations. In particular, recently many test takers have been studying using online lectures, and the class supports students’ online lectures financially. This year almost ten students of the class passed various exams like the Diplomatic Service Examination, the Accountant Examination, and so on. Today, in the class, CBNU students are making every effort for their dreams.

For us, it is not easy to go the way that most people don’t go frequently. On the other hand, even though he chose a lonely way, Shin Gyu-ho did not give up, but did his best. If you are doing the things that many people are reluctant to do or that you cannot foresee the results of, do not hesitate, but believe in yourself and go ahead!



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