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Leadership Winning Hearts of People
2017년 01월 02일 (월) 13:13:43 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr

His parents were divorced. He had a deprived childhood after immigration to Indonesia and Hawaii. He didn’t come from an influential political family. Everyone discouraged him from making the attempt to be president because they were not prepared to accept an African-American president. Nonetheless, he became the best leader of the 21st century. What is the enduring appeal of U. S. President Barack Obama to people all over the world?

● What is the Leadership You Think of?


It is difficult to define the exact concept of leadership, but it commonly uses the expression which signifies the capacity of the leader trying to strengthen each organizing member’s motive for them to participate in work actively. Leadership is essential for achieving organizational goals because not only does it strengthen the capacity for tasks which each member of organization owns but it also strengthens the power of the organization.
Nowadays, the meaning of the word ‘leadership’ has changed. Initially, most people used the concept by focusing on the qualities and nature needed to become a leader. However, nowadays it is used to refer to a concept adjusted to focus on the behavior of the leader. The leader of the past put a premium on relationships between followers. In contrast, many leaders today put emphasis on strategic performance of the organization which they belong to and take responsibility for. As time went on, they believed relationships between people are crucial element for leadership. Let’s talk specifically about these elements.

● Why Don’t You Just Become this Leader?


Researchers from Google conducted their “Project Oxygen” to find out who was considered to be the best boss working for Google. Surprisingly, the ability to work perfectly and quickly was ranked last among the conditions to be a good leader. On the other hand, “consistency” was the most important factor to be a good leader. Likewise, team members are influenced by their leader’s words. If the boss has a different standard of judgment every time, employees nitpick to small details out of the leading practices. However, if the boss maintains consistency in the work, they have the criteria for judgment, “Our team thinks this is important.” Then, they focus on their tasks correctly. Therefore, setting a standard through talks with members first is crucial, followed by creating an environment where members can focus on important things.

● How Soon Can You Become a Leader Thinking Outside of the Box?

The company making Gore-Tex Hiking outfits is “Gore,” known for creating innovative products. Although commonly called “Gore,” the company’s proper name is W.L.Gore & Associates. As its name says, employees of the company call the co-workers “associates.” Anyone can be a leader of a project if they have the right idea. Even the CEO is chosen by secret ballot. One of the main reasons for it is that they believe leadership comes from followership. A real leader is not a person forcing staff to follow him even if they do not want to, but a person whom they would like to follow. Keep in mind that the first thing leaders do is communicating with group members rather than caring about the structure of their organizations.

● No Man is Just a Machine.

“People are the most important asset.” This is the motto of the Chairman of the Mirai Industry Co., Yamada Akio. To make differentiated products, the company must come up with new ideas. The company runs an innovative incentive system to generate new ideas. Employees try hard to come up with new ideas and put all their efforts into it because they believe the company is treating them well. Mirai’s goal is to become a company where employees are delighted every day. Thus, they try to continue to improve their company not just for personal gain. Mirai has a system in which the company gives welfare incentives for employees first and then they labor at a task because of being so impressed with the incentives.

The reason why President Obama became an outstanding leader is that he has the ability to arouse people’s sympathy in the ways illustrated above. He creates things that people can be moved by, or they can trust him through communication with him. To make such communication, he tries to accept various values of diverse people and listen to what they say. Maybe most of us tend to push forward our own assertions, and we do not always listen to other people. Leadership begins by listening to people. Become a good leader in your organization by listening to your group members and understanding them in the New Year!

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