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Kwon Sho-young Editor-in-Chief, Hong Sammy Editor

Media, such as movies and music, can greatly influence us. Below we will give a brief personal overview of the movie The Intern released in 2015, and an album by the popular band Queen, who released classical rock music.


Every Experience Is Worth It.


My forever favorite movie is The Intern (2015), directed by Nancy Meyers. I love the scene when 70-year-old senior citizen intern, Ben, enters the start-up of an e-commerce fashion company, and is required to work alongside a 30-year-old CEO, Jules, who made this movie unforgettable. The recently retired senior citizen intern, Ben, gave all his co-workers his advice on how to solve many problems they faced. His profound advice came from years of experience and wisdom.

Ben especially encouraged not to be afraid of losing her achievements when she made a mistake, because those mistakes could turn into worthy experiences. When Ben warmly encouraged his boss, it made me feel encouraged, too. His words touched me by telling me that all I have been through will always be valuable. From then on, I promised myself not to forget that every experience I face, even if it does not succeed, will always be a valuable experience for me, because these experiences lay the very foundation of who I am.



What ‘News’ Means in ‘News of the World’.


Have you ever heard of the legendary British rock band Queen? Queen’s sixth album produced was ‘News of the World’ released in 1977. This album held numerous masterpieces, such as: ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We Are the Champions’, and ‘Spread Your Wings’. These songs’ common feature is that everyone can easily follow the rhythm and lyrics.

Queen included the song ‘We’ to help people feel a sense of belonging and to gain confidence. Next, ‘Spread Your Wings’ garnered fame in Korea by the stock firm’s popular advertisement. The song is about a boss who verbally abuses an employee, Sammy, who has a dream. These lyrics make listeners feel sympathy for Sammy and induce listeners to cheer for both Sammy and themselves. One interesting thing about the background picture of this album’s cover is that the drummer, Roger Taylor, was fascinated by the sci-fi artist, Frank Kelly Freas’ illustration on the cover of American Journal, which published articles from 1993 to 1998. Taylor asked for consent to utilize this peculiar illustration. The origin of the album’s title is not officially known, but it is possible to predict that the ‘News of the World’ is that ‘We’ should all live with confidence.

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