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Start-up: The Trend of Adventurous CBNU Students
2017년 01월 02일 (월) 11:22:00 GLOBE globe@jbnu.ac.kr


Nowadays, making a start-up is a huge trend. There are lots of related events and almost everyone is thinking about starting one in the near future. However, starting a start-up is not quite as easy as it sounds. People, knowledge, capital, and much more are needed. But there is no need to worry if you’re a CBNU student. At CBNU, there are places where help is given. Why don’t we find out about them?

Where Should I Start?
In CBNU, there are many places ready to help students develop start-ups. The Start-up Education Center helps students launch start-ups from the beginning. The Start-up Education Center is located under the CBNU Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and is funded by the Ministry of Education. The main target for the center is “educating” students about start-ups. Thus, there are many programs like idea camps and contests that students can participate in and actually experience the start-up culture.


<<< What is the Start-up Support Center?>>>
The Start-up Support Center is similar to the Start-up Education Center. They both help students develop start-ups. Then, what is the difference? The Start-up Support Center is a cooperation and is funded by the Small and Medium Business Administration. Also, the target for the Start-up Support Center is broader because it “supports” students and also the public.


<<< What is the CBNU Business Incubator?>>>
The CBNU Business Incubator is under the Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation, just like the Start-up Education Center, but it is funded by the Small and Medium Business Administration, like the Start-up Support Center. The CBNU Business Incubator “incubates” new start-ups and gives them a place to work.

Choosing the Right Program!
There are various programs that help start-up ideas become realities. The Start-up Education Center uses the NICE System to build start-ups. The “N” signifies “network,” which means the center finds mentors and professionals to help the start-up. The “I” means “incubating” the start-ups through various support programs. The “C” is for culture and it means start-up related events like contests and camps. Lastly, the “E” is for education related to start-ups.
The Start-up Support Center does similar things as the Start-up Education Center but tries to look at a “glocal” perspective. What is “glocal”? “Glocal” is a mixed word using “global” and “local” which means taking local items and projects and making them into global ones. Both centers have start-up related courses that give information about start-ups, and everybody can apply for the courses.
The biggest question is, “What do I have to do to get these benefits and support for my start-up?” You have to apply and get selected. The application season is mostly focused in April to May, so be alert in that season. You should look for these notices on the center’s homepage. If you think you might forget to do this, then search the CBNU Start-up Supporters Facebook page. They will alert you when the time comes.
There are also programs outside CBNU that helps start-ups. People can use crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter to fund their projects. Many companies also hold contests that support start-ups that are selected.

The Ideas of CBNU Students
Here are some start-ups that CBNU students have made:

<MARUSOFT>: MARUSOFT makes apps for people and made apps like the major bus time application Jeonju Bus.

<Daehakmatzip>: This service gives information about the tasty restaurants in Jeonju through SNS and apps.








<SSP>: SSP makes air fresheners made from plaster. Because it is made from plaster, it can be shaped into all sizes and shapes.

<Marulang>: Marulang makes clothes for pets. The clothes are made from quality fabric and are handmade. The brand name came from the maker’s pet name, Maru.









<Leap_F>: Leap_F makes multipurpose boards that can hold food and cups. Also it can be used as a chopping board. It is made from quality wood and can be put together like a puzzle because magnets are inside the wood.


<ATELIER316>: ATELIER316 makes fashion items like chokers. The special thing is that these items can be used to make various styles so the items can be used every day of the week.









Don’t you want to get ready to make your idea into reality after reading this article? I hope you can get your idea supported because there are lots of various programs. Even if you fail, there will be some things that you can learn from, so keep trying! Also, there are many events held by the centers, so always be alert. There are good souvenirs and start-up knowledge at these events. However, always remember, be prepared before you start!

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