Stand By Your Beliefs
Stand By Your Beliefs
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Stand By Your Beliefs by Silayan Casino


Welcome to the first issue of the 2020 Spring Semester at JBNU! Hopefully, you are all recharged and ready to get back into study mode. It’s been quite a busy start to 2020, especially with the Novel Coronavirus outbreak in China and precautionary measures that have had to be taken here in order to prevent further widespread infection in Korea. However, the studying must go on!

For those of you reading the JBNU Globe English magazine for the first time, I hope you will pick this magazine up with each new issue released (every second month) and enjoy reading what is presented.

For each issue, your JBNU student reporters go out to interview, research, gather information, and return to write their articles. They tackle issues they feel are relevant or would be of interest to other JBNU students and GLOBE readers. They are challenged with writing the articles in English, though English is not their first language. The stories they present are meant to be objective, presenting facts and allowing you, the reader to form your own opinions about what you learn from what you have read.

Let’s talk about personal beliefs for a moment. We each have opinions about people, places, ideas, ideologies and theories, customs, habits, and more. Do you know what your beliefs are? How comfortable are you about expressing what you believe? Who do you share these opinions with -- your parents, close friends, classmates, professors? Are you able to have a peaceful discussion about certain topics and ideas, without getting into a heated debate? Being able to express what you believe in is a valuable skill to possess.

With elections coming up this year, your voices as young, future leaders of Korea, deserve to be heard. Please make it a priority to vote next month for your representatives of choice. Study and learn about the candidates, do your due diligence to find out what they stand for and who you identify and agree with the most. I would also suggest you encourage your peers, friends; talk about issues that affect you and your future in this country. Knowing what’s going on around you is important, because you actually do have a role in determining decisions made that reflect what happens to everyone in Korea. As Korea’s demographic and society adjust to an increase in multicultural families, high unemployment continues, and Korea’s involvement in the global economy grows, where do you see yourself fit in? I will leave these questions with you to ponder and hopefully convince you to exercise your right to vote.

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