Happy New Year!! Good bye 2019—Hello 2020!
Happy New Year!! Good bye 2019—Hello 2020!
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As we have now crossed the cusp into the third decade of the 21st Century, let us look back at the last ten years of our lives. All the new technological developments and advances in science, from 2010 and before, have become part of our everyday lives now. For example, tablets or iPads, smartphones, navigation applications to help us with directions for where we are going, SmartWatches that tell time, count how many steps we walk, how many calories we burn, and much more practical information from the comfort of your wrist. The list of Smart devices goes on.

Despite these advances, we may find it hard to remember when certain gadgets appeared in our homes and lives; but we are well aware that technology continues to advance, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has reached new heights. We may now see robots working in banks, robotic vacuums cleaning floors, cars that do not require a human driver and home security systems that are programmable from your smartphone. Indeed, many things have changed in technology. Each individual can decide on their own, whether these advances are for the better, or for the detriment, of human society.

On the other hand, many other areas of life on Earth still present dire situations for our world, such as poverty in numerous developing countries; an exponential increase in human trafficking; the spread of disease outbreaks, and the ever-growing concern about climate change.

Let’s look at the last idea for a moment. Jeonju hit the hottest temperatures on record, just in the past two summers. The Fall and Spring seasons, as well, have become shorter and shorter each year. Also winter 2019 in Jeonju, thus far, has not had a real snow fall, which is quite unusual. Additionally, the winter temperatures have rarely dipped below zero during the day. When was the last time we actually had a “White Christmas”? Will we ever see one again?

So, what can we make of our environmental situation? There is so much information to absorb. My suggestion, to those who are conscious about the environment and climate change, is to educate yourselves with reliable sources and decide what you, as an individual, can do to decrease pollution, lessen the amount of carbon dioxides in the atmosphere, conserve water and energy, and basically care for this one Earth we have been entrusted with to care for. If you feel strongly about this, you can also work towards educating others, like the elderly, who still burn trash in the countryside. This is very harmful to the environment.

Let this decade we are starting now, this year, be one of serious effort to maintain the world we live in, as we know it- with its majestic mountains, endless seas, natural beauty, and nourishing food. If the human race is to survive for centuries to come, action must be taken. It’s up to you, the future leaders of this country, to lead the way for the generations to come.

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