A Healthy Campus Life with JBNU Health Care
A Healthy Campus Life with JBNU Health Care
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A Healthy Campus Life with JBNU Health Care

Shermamatova Aizharkyn Editor

It’s essential for a university to build a comfortable and healthy environment for student’s productivity and education. Good health affords students the opportunity to do all the schoolwork, assignments and projects productively during their optimum and healthy state. For this, JBNU provides the best medical treatments at low expenses or free of charge. There are Jeonbuk National University Hospital, Health Clinic, Happy Center and some medical expense deduction regulations only for students of our university. Let’s learn about them and create a healthy JBNU life.


JBNU Health Service Center


Location: Director for Welfare 2nd floor

Information Desk Contact Number: 063-270-3522

Working hours: Weekdays 9am-5pm

The health clinic provides most fundamental medical services for facilitating the health care status and welfare of students and staff of JBNU. General consultation services for internal medicine and first aid are available Monday through Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Additionally, this clinic offers dental check-ups and cleaning, pathological examinations for CBC & Hepatitis tests, radiography (x-ray), BMI test and consultation, and blood tests and chest x-rays as required for undergraduate freshmen medical examinations. The clinic is located on the second floor of the Husaenggwan Student Cafeteria. It is accessible by stairs or elevator. At the reception desk, you simply register by filling out your name, student number and your symptoms on a registration paper and wait to be called. All services and medication are free.

JBNU student, who has used the Health Clinic services commented: “Hello, I am Jeong So-yeol, a student of the Department of Spanish, Central and South American Literature. It’s not obligatory to pay for medical service fee coming along with the tuition fee bill but if we pay for it, we can get free treatment from JBNU Health Clinic 9am-5pm during the semester. So personally, it was very convenient to use this quick medical service on campus without the need to go far nor overpaying for even a simple procedure as you would in big hospitals.”


Jeonbuk National University Hospital


Address: 20, Geonjiro Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do 561-702, 54907 Korea

Contacts: 82-1577-7877

English website: http://www.cuh.co.kr/cuh/english/

The JBNU Hospital is situated adjacent to the JBNU main campus near the JBNU medical school. Its affiliation with JBNU began in 1994. Since then, it has evolved into an expansive hospital encompassing a range of medical departments and treatments available: starting with examinations and consultations, moving up to surgery, emergency care, and specialized centers, such as dental care. Most significantly, all JBNU students can receive a 20% discount on medical expenses, upon proof of enrollment when paying your medical bill. In the event that you are unable to show enrollment, you may bring your payment receipt and proof within seven days and receive a refund.


Happy Center, a Place for Mental Care


Location: 1st floor of Law School Building #4-3, 567 Baekje-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, 54896 Korea

Contacts: 063-219-5301

Website: https://happycenter.jbnu.ac.kr/

E-mail: happycenter@jbnu.ac.kr

Working hours: Weekdays from 9am-6pm

Are you feeling happy right now? Mental health is not less important than physical health for happiness. Sometimes, it’s healing just to learn new aspects of your personality and to talk to someone about your troubles and share your experiences. The Happy Center welcomes all JBNU students with prepared information and consultations on mental health. As a student, you can easily register online or offline using your basic information. When you go in for a visit, there will first be a light test on your mind and personality. Then, you can proceed to a 1:1 individual consultation, focused on more specific problems or questions. Besides, there are many more other projects and special lectures.


Unique Insurance Benefits for JBNU Students


There are two kinds of insurance for JBNU students:

1) Mutual Medical Aid Association Insurance, which is, regulated support for student medical expenses, such as hospital treatment for illness or injury. This insurance is applicable when a student, who paid for medical service fee along with the tuition fee bill, loses status through graduation, removal, or death during the semester. It can be in all hospitals nationwide.

Executive Liability Insurance, which compensates students for damages caused during class activities, experiments, practice, and laboratory work related to JBNU school tasks. The liability provides compensation for the actual medical expenses related to damages and injuries of all the enrolled students that occurred during class activities on campus and outdoor education, MT, OT, school excursions, etc.

All the specifications about medical expense payment criteria, regulations of medical expense reimbursement and claim procedures are provided on the Campus Life section of JBNU homepage.

A good university is one that is actually concerned about its students’ mental and physical state. JBNU cares equally about the happiness and the welfare of all its enrolled students, including students with limited abilities. JBNU Globe wishes you to have healthy and happy campus life.

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