Luck Comes to One Who Is Ready
Luck Comes to One Who Is Ready
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Luck Comes to One Who Is Ready


Roh Kyu-lee Editor-in-Chief

I am about to finish my three years with JBNU Globe. I laughed, sometimes cried soundlessly, and got angry. These were the most meaningful three years in my whole life, so my feelings, as I depart, are bittersweet. I would like to write a few words which I really want to share with our readers.

First, the best lesson I learned, among many, was to always be prepared with a 'Plan B,' thought it is not an immediate solution to a situation, it is good to be prepared, in case. Many things didn't go as they were planned. I was not a very organized person, but when I have to do something important, I make a very detailed plan to carry it out. Even though I did this advanced planning to complete a project, unexpected variables always came up. However, I was not used to making a Plan B. This bad habit caused much frustration in my first month as an editor-in-chief. Many unexpected things occurred at the same time in my first month, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t even solve the problem, because it was something that I had never thought of. Junior and fellow reporters must have been dumbfounded, seeing me so confused. So I felt really sorry about that. Following that harrowing experience, I started making a regular Plan B, and even a Plan C. Sometimes these plans B and C didn’t help much, but familiarity with preparation processes helped me to solve unexpected situations calmly.

Second, I want to thank every person I met while I was involved as a reporter for JBNU Globe. I met many different people, whom I would not have met had I not been in my position as Editor-in-Chief at JBNU Globe. Like I mentioned in the previous issue, I was not an extroverted person, so I avoided meeting new people if I could. However, I was able to foster new relationships with many professionals, and through various JBNU GLOBE activities, these people helped me overcome my introversion. They encouraged me to speak out, mentored me, and were open in sharing their thoughts, to help me grow. Thanks to these people, I started to feel more comfortable when meeting new for the first time, forming new valuable relationships. I can't list everyone's name here, but would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone I met and had contact with through JBNU GLOBE activities.

Finally, I especially want to thank JBNU Globe fellow and junior reporters. As an editor-in-chief, I always did my best, but sometimes things didn’t go the way I wanted. To be honest, it was a really tough year. I even thought of quitting. However, despite the lack of a leader, our reporters followed through, helping me a lot in different situations. They willing accepted my requests, completing tasks before me asking them to do something; working enthusiastically to produce interesting and engaging stories for JBNU Globe. Without their teamwork mindset, we would not have had the successful year we have had in 2019.

In closing, I'd like to share my motto: "Luck comes to one who is ready." All the trials and tribulations, obstacles to overcome, at JBNU Globe, gave me greater happiness and more things for which I can be grateful. I would like to wish new editor-in-chief Sho-young and dear reporters good luck for their life in JBNU Globe in 2020(and 2021 for freshmen)!

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