Judges‘ Comments for the 2019 Essay Contest
Judges‘ Comments for the 2019 Essay Contest
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Judges‘ Comments for the 2019 Essay Contest


This year, fifty-seven students applied for JBNU Globe Essay Contest. Among them, seven passed the initial screening stage. The selection committee of the contest selected three essays as final winners by paying special attention to originality, internal consistency, and sympathy, but excluding the pieces of a book report or research article style. The committee members express a deepest gratitude to all the applicants of the contest for their endeavor in the process of preparing the essay, and also encourage those competitors who were not chosen as the winners despite their high-quality pieces.

The final competition winners are Hwang Jaejeong (“You are the first Korean telling us that”), Kim Jeong-On (“Brick walls are there for a reason”), and Kim Jinwoo (“The reason why I did not kill myself”).

We would like to make a brief comment on each winning essay. The first winner (Hwang Jaejeong) argues that terrorism is not related to any particular region or religion even though terrorism in Islamic areas are more visible than in others. Based on his own experience with Muslim friends, the author states that everyone in the world could be “my people”.

The second winner (Kim Jeong-On) presents this own efforts to overcome the disease that has continuous distressed him over the years. The author states that the disease suddenly appeared one day, but it was not a brick wall but rather became a turning point in his life.

The third winner (Kim Jinwoo) presents his own experience of emotional change from agony to hope by a journey to Paris. During the journey, the author states that he learned how to overcome the hardship and enjoy the progress of his actions and their meaningful values.

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