Jeonju Summer Festival, Enjoy the Night Away
Jeonju Summer Festival, Enjoy the Night Away
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Jeonju Summer Festival, Enjoy the Night Away

Hong Sammy, Kwon Sho-young, Kim Ju Myeong Reporters

Welcome to a famous tourist city, Jeonju. Have you ever heard about the festivals held in Jeonju? JBNU Globe Reporters are pleased to introduce three representative festivals in Jeonju that you can enjoy during summer. The reviews, information, and tips will make your planning for next summer’s festivals easier and more enjoyable.

JUMF (Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival)


This is where you can shout out loud, and rock the summer away! From K-pop to rock bands, various genres of music are ready for you! We are talking about JUMF, the music festival in Jeonju, that has been happening for the last four summers since 2016. The 2019 JUMF was held from August 2nd to 4th. From noon to midnight, the singers and bands were on stage, and the audiences fully enjoyed themselves. There were sprinklers that cooled the audiences’ heat, meanwhile heightening the excitement. On the program, the performers were divided into two colors of groups. They shared two stages in rotation, so people stood in front of the stage when their favorite singers performed. People were not allowed to bring food, but they could buy foods and drinks at the booths onsite. There were game booths, and people earned items that they used during the festival, like bean bags. This year, there were many children and parents enjoying the festival. Parents were relaxing at the resting site on the field, while children played in the little swimming pool. It was hoped that not only the teens and youths would participate in JUMF, but also that family units would join the festivities.

Tips: JUMF is held every year, on the first weekend of August. Volunteers for JUMF, ‘jumfies’, are recruited two to three months before the festival.

Location: Jeonju Stadium (451, Girin-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do)

Admission Fee: for on-line buyers, 3 days: 110,000 Won, 2 days: 88,000 Won, 1 day: 55,000 Won.

(Discounts for teenagers, JB Bank users, the disabled, and early-bird purchases)

Operating Hours: mostly 12:00 noon - 23:00 p.m.




Etymology of Chimaek & Gamaek

Chimaek: ‘chi’ for chicken and ‘maek’ for maekju, which is beer in Korean.

Gamaek: ‘Ga’ originated from ‘gagae’, meaning supermarket in Korean, and ‘maek’ for maekju, which is beer in Korean.

Gamaek Festival


term Gamaek stems from a cultural practice in Jeonju, where locals sit in small stores enjoying their beer with snacks and dried squid. unique thing about this festival is that visitors can drink beer freshly brewed at the festival on that day. At the entry to the festival grounds, volunteers check each person’s age and identity and provide a wrist-band ticket. This permits festival attendees to purchase coins, which represent money. Snacks, drinks, and other items may only be purchased using special coins where one coin equals 2,500 Won. Menu items range from two to four coins each. Some of the menu items were fried chicken, dried squid, dried fish, nuts, and rolled egg (omelette). On the stage, there were many performers that everyone could enjoy. After the full enjoyment of the Gamaek festival, participants and volunteers cleaned up. This year, there was a larger variety of booths, providing a better array and quality of snacks. If you wish to have your own table next time, go to the festival early.

Tips: The ‘Gamaek Festival’ is held every year, during the second weekend of August. The volunteers of the Gamaek Festival, ‘Gamaekjigi’ are mostly recruited by June each summer. Personal identification is necessary.

Location: Jeonju Stadium (451, Girin-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do)

Admission Fee: Free

Operating Hours: 18:00 ~ 24:00






There was also a festival which blew away the heat by serving crispy chicken and cold beer! It was held for two days, August 16th to 17th. There was no entrance fee, but if people wanted to eat tasty food such as chicken, cheese rolled omelet, fried seafood, sausage, and beer, they needed to buy tickets. Then they could enjoy those various food items just mentioned. The market shops provided not only regular beers, but also gave out samples of their homemade brews. It was impressive that they also provided eco-friendly cups for the beer. Also, on August 16th, there was a poetry recitation as part of the opening ceremony, and DJ Koo’s EDM performance. On the second day, the trot singer, Park Hyun-bin, was on stage, followed by local performers. It was an unforgettable festival, seeing people of all ages enjoying the experience in a local community, eating chicken, playing games, drinking beer, enjoying the performances. The local vendors were equally happy with the good turn out and profits.

Tips: The Chimaek & Gamaek Festival is also held every year, mostly during the 2nd to 3rd weekends of August. The volunteers of this festival are recruited about one month before it is held.

Location: Held inside the JEONJU MORAENAE ALJJA TRADITIONAL MARKET (8-8, Moraenae 4-gil, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea)

Entrance fee: None / Ticket for buying foods: 10,000 Won per one ticket

Operating Hours: Fist day - 15:00~23:00 / Second day- 10:00~23:00

Contact number: 063-273-7288

What an enjoyable time in August with local festivals all around us. Hopefully, you have received useful information from this article. How about visiting and enjoying these festivals with your friends and family in August 2020. We have something to look forward to next summer.

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