Write with Youre Heart&Fingertips
Write with Youre Heart&Fingertips
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Write with Youre Heart&Fingertips


‘Don’t kick briquettes thoughtlessly’ from 『I Ask You』. Even though I was not old enough to understand what this sentence meant, it made me think that every creature was special. Since then, I have dreamed about meeting the book’s author, Ahn Do-hyun. One day, on my way to school, I saw a banner that announced a visit by Ahn Do-hyun to introduce a new novel he had written, to JBNU students and local residents. The novel was titled, “Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin.” ‘Do you know why poetry contests are usually held in autumn?’, he asked. Then he answered himself that autumn is the most poetic season. There are representative characters we meet in the fall, such as the sparrow and scarecrow. But he suddenly said that he didn’t like these personages for his work. Rather, he liked ‘briquettes’ which devote themselves to helping people keep feeling warm. The poem, which utilized the word, 'briquettes,' received many compliments and was adapted for use in advertisements and movies. The thing that surprised me, was that, the first copy of his new book was free. But, in my opinion, the book was invaluable because it really warmed people's hearts. During his presentation, Mr. Ahn also talked about his ecological fable that shares the plight of the dolphin’s freedom and how they are deprived by humans, who illegally capture and train them to perform in aquatic shows at Korea zoos. He concluded that, every reader will reach their own wilderness and freedom, as the dolphin will eventually be free in the wild ocean where it belongs. In the last part of this book info-session, there was time for Q&A. Unlike in a normal lecture, more than ten students raised their hands to get an answer. Someone asked, “How can I write impressive poetry?” I also wanted to know the secret of his writing. He simply answered, “Write with your heart and fingertips.”


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