Pleasing Time in the Philippines
Pleasing Time in the Philippines
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Pleasing Time in the Philippines

Many people asked me why I chose the Philippines instead of an orthodox English speaking country to study English. Here is the reason. There is an expression “Englishes”. It means there are a lot of uses of English as a language in many ways, so we don’t have to worry too much about our English sentence structure or pronunciation. I just wanted to be exposed to the environment where people speak English a lot. In this review, I want to tell the readers about the school I attended and what satisfied me in the Philippines.


Sparta Course in CPILS I went to CPILS

(the name of the school) in Cebu. It is like a boarding academy in Korea. I had only one month to study in CPILS because I went there through the OFF-CAMPUS program in JBNU. To improve students’ English ability in a short period, JBNU made students take a Sparta course. We had to start studying at 8 AM and finish at 9 PM. It was really tough because I had never spoken in English for that long. Right after arrival, I had a leveltest. Students took different courses according to their level. There were group classes and one-on-one classes, so I could communicate with others in group classes and learn what I didn’t know well in one-on-one classes. However, there was not much to learn about grammar and there was much to learn mainly about English speaking. I think it’s because of the English curriculum
of Korea that studies grammar a lot in school. Grammar classes in CPILS were too easy for me, whereas, the English speaking environment was satisfying. There are two different groups of teachers in CPILS. One is a group of local teachers of the Philippines and the rest is native English speakers. CPILS’s intention is to learn English from locals in the Philippines and learn the correct pronunciation from native English speakers. Local teachers were kind, passionate, and well prepared. In my opinion, however, native English speakers were not ready for class. It was like an English class with a native English speaker in elementary school.


The Good Facility of CPILS

Before going to the Philippines, I expected that they have poor facilities. However, it was not, especially in CPILS. There are a cafeteria, a laundry, a pool, a room cleaning service, and a guard at the main gate for safety and so on. I thought it was like a hotel. Furthermore, there is a wifi zone. Unlike Korea, it is uncommon for Filipinos to use wifi anywhere, so it was helpful when I didn’t have any cellular data to contact with my family. The best service is that delicious meals are served. There are students of various nationalities, but most of them are Korean. So the diet suited the taste of Koreans. Are you worried that you won’t be able to talk when something happens at school? You don’t need to be worried. There are managers of various nationalities to help the students. When you have a problem, feel free to ask your country’s manager.

The Best Resort, Cebu

I can say that I went to the Philippines in order to go on a vacation rather than to study English. That means there are so many things to enjoy in the Philippines.


Bohol Island

It is the island like Jeju in Korea. We boarded on a ship to go to Bohol Island. It is a peaceful place. There was a beach near my accommodation, and the beach was full of pubs
and restaurants. One thing that is different from Korea was it kept quiet. Everyone sat in the pubs, restaurants, and beach so calmly that I thought I was enjoying the real vacation. I used to think that vacation is to see famous things in crowded tourist spots. In Bohol Island, however, I was able to take a full rest. When you go to Bohol Island, you have to do the “Hopping tour”. People hop around the Philippine island, and it includes an island tour, a meal, and snorkeling. First, I went to the middle of the sea by boat and snorkeled. I could see beautiful corals, a turtle, and many others. After snorkeling, I looked around the island and then ate some food and fruit on the ship. It was a healing time in Bohol. I’ve heard that there is a program that people feed whale sharks. If you are brave, just try!


Kawasan Canyoneering

Kawasan Canyoneering is a leisure that I had to go down from the top of the valley. I had to jump from a 10m height cliff. I felt scared, but after I jumped in the water, I was proud of myself. While going down the valley, I saw a wonderful scenary. It looked like a jungle in the movie “Tarzan”. If you want to do Kawasan Canyoneering, you need to do it through a tour agency because the road down the valley is rough and dangerous. Indeed, you can get hurt when you dive or go down the valley. If you don’t want to jump from the cliff, a guide will make a detour. Even my guide took nice photos where nature is beautiful, and took a video when I jumped to the water. It is possible to think that Kawasan Canyoneering is dangerous, but you can see beautiful nature and feel rewarded after it.


Shopping Mall

There are two big shopping malls in Cebu. One is SM Seaside Mall and the other is Ayala Mall. These places are suitable for you to buy gifts for your friends and family. SM Seaside Mall is located near the sea, and Ayala Mall is located in the middle of the city. There is no big difference between size and types of stores. There are restaurants, clothing stores, souvenir shops, massage shops, and so on, so there is nothing you can’t do here. These places are too big to watch in a day. Each store is not divided into large spaces but has an independent space like a Korean outlet store. If you are thinking about what to buy as a gift, I recommend 7D dried mango. Mangoes are the most representative fruit of the Philippines, and dried mangoes have a long shelf life, so I personally think that it is the perfect gift.
As a result, the Philippines is a good place to improve my English speaking skills, but it is not a best place to study grammar. Through the OFF-CAMPUS program, I was able to feel a great attraction to the Philippines where I could shop, tour and enjoy leisure time. Philippines is not just a good place for, but it is also a great place to take a rest and enjoy. Just have a go! It will be a good experience.

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