Enjoy Happy Meal!
Enjoy Happy Meal!
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Enjoy Happy Meal! in JBNU
Hello everyone! In this issue of Geonji Report, we will introduce you to JBNU’s cafeterias. For those who know about the existence of the JBNU's cafeterias but do not know the details or hesitate to go, I'd like to tell you how to use them, what they look like. Let's get to the point!


Jinsuwon(Jinsudang) Restaurant

• Opening hours: Weekdays Lunch 11:30a.m.~2:00p.m.                                     
Dinner 5:30p.m.~7:00p.m.
• Menu:  Baekban(Baekban means a meal that includes rice and soup with a variety of side dishes).
• Price: 5,000 Won   
• Number of seats : 200 • Location: The second floor of Law School(Jinsudang)
The Jinsuwon restaurant offers good quality food for 5,000Won. If you want to use it, first you must buy your meal ticket at a ticket kiosk at the entrance of the restaurant, then enter the restaurant, once you enter, deposit your ticket in the collection box, or give it to the person collecting tickets, you can walk to one of the buffet bars, grab a tray, a bowl of rice, and serve yourself. Side dishes are served in buffet style for as many times as you like. Conveniently located and accessible to professors, students, faculty, and others in the dining area, two selfbars provide lettuce leaves, ssamjang, refreshing cool drinks such as sikhye(sweet rice drink) or sujeonggwa (persimmon punch) or hot drinks in the cooler months. The self-bar items vary daily.

• Summary: A neat restaurant serving high quality, cost effective food.

 Student Union building #2 Cafeteria

• Opening hours: Weekdays 11:00a.m.~6:00p.m.
• Menu: Chinese food(served only 11 a.m.-3 p.m.);                  
Pizza & Spaghetti(served only 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
• Price: 3,000~4,500; 15,000~20,000Won(Pizza)   
• Number of seats: 200 • Location:  The first floor of the Student Union Building #2(next to the post office)

The cafeteria, which was recently opened on September 30th, sells Chinese food, pizza and spaghetti. It features low prices ranging from 3,000Won to 4,500Won (except pizza). You can order food by using ticket kiosk next to the entrance. After ordering, you will get a meal ticket. You can enjoy hot sauce, parmesan cheese, pickles, danmuji (pickled radish), kimchi and onions at the selfbar. Pizza and spaghetti require some preparation time, so you should submit your meal ticket in advance. Also, pizza is served with coke. Once you submit your meal ticket (pizza or spaghetti), you will receive a coaster call, that will vibrate when the food is ready to let you know you can pick up your meal.

• Summary:  A restaurant where people can eat Chinese food and Western food at a low price.

Husaenggwan Cafeteria
• Opening hours: Weekdays 10:00am~7:00pm                                  
breakfast: 8:00am~9:00am • Break Time(no food service): 2:30pm~3:00pm
• Menu: Korean food, Western food, Chinese food, Baekban
• Price: range in price of 1,800Won~4,500Won(breakfast: 3,500Won)
• Number of seats: 500
• Location: The first floor of the Husaenggwan building
Husaenggwan Cafeteria is the most popular student cafeteria for students. This cafeteria is near the College of Engineering, so it is mostly used by students. There are various kinds of menu items and you can enjoy either everyday menu items such as bibimbap, instant noodles, kimbap, udon, or Baekban that changes every day. You can order food by using a ticket kiosk or directly from a cashier at the register.  After ordering, you will get a meal ticket. you must submit this meal ticket to the corresponding food counter, and then your meal is prepared. You can also help yourself to danmuji (pickled radish), kimchi and doenjangguk (Soybean Paste Soup). Recently, Husaenggwan launched a breakfast service so you can have breakfast at the stew corner for 3,500 Won. Some menu choices are limited in the evening, so keep that in mind!

• Summary:  A place where students can enjoy eating various dishes cheaply, fast and simply.

< a College of Engineering student's menu tip>
• “Special omelette rice” is the best.
•  Usually one menu doesn't make me full, so I often eat a gimbap & ramen set


• Opening hours: Weekdays Lunch 11:30 a.m.~2:00 p.m.
• Menu: Baekban(buffet style)
• Price: 7,000 Won
• Number of seats: 102
• Location: New Silk Road Center, 7th floor
Jeongdamwon is a restaurant made for professors and faculty members and offers fine-dining selection of dishes. You can purchase meal ticket with cash or credit cards from, ticket kiosk. When you do, you should enter the restaurant and put your meal ticket in the meal ticket box inside, at the beginning of the buffet counter, serve yourself and enjoy your meal. Food entrees are served in buffet style. Similar Jinsuwon, Jongdamwon has a salad bar with a variety of vegetables (green chili pepper, tomatoes, etc.) and a pot of barley rice for the health-conscious diner.  The restaurant’s interior is the most luxurious on JBNU’s campus, with kimchi, napkins provided on each table. Tables and chairs are limited, so people sometimes share their table with people they don’t know. There is also limited outdoor seating in the warmer months. Out of respect for faculty and professors, who may have a limited time to eat lunch, it is recommended that students, who wish to eat at Jongdamwon, come after 1 p.m. to avoid the long line that forms at lunch time.
• Summary:  A restaurant with the best quality and luxurious atmosphere among all JBNU’s cafeterias.

There are many restaurants around JBNU and at Old Gate, but why don't you find the cafeteria that offers good quality food to fit your budget? Also, all the cafeterias are fine to eat at if you’re alone! Each cafeteria location also has a coffee shop for drinks or to continue your interesting conversation with your lunch guests. So why not enjoy a cup of coffee after eating your happy meal!


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